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Nov 5, 2001 03:41 PM

Overwhelming garlic and pumpkin desserts

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Two separate topics:

Attempted to visit the Magic Carpet and found it
closed on Saturday night at 6. (Is this typical?)
Unfortunately, since my restaurant of choice
was closed, we went to The Stinking Rose instead.
From that experience, I found out that you can taste
garlic 24 hours after eating it. As for the
meal...the mussels appetizer was excellent, and the
bread with the raw garlic/parsley spread was spicy.
The bunny with pancetta, olive and garlic was ok, and
the garlic ice cream was pretty foul.

Also, in theme with the holidays, had a seasonal
dessert at Saladang Song: tiny steamed pumpkin with
custard inside and salt-tinged coconut cream on the
side. Visually cool and it was a lovely way to end a
spicy Thai lunch. (only thing worth mentioning... an asparagus salad).

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  1. Magic Carpet is closed on Saturdays for the Jewish Sabbath. They also close early on Fridays.

    1. Magic Carpet is run by Orthodox people... Saturday at 6 is still it doesn't surprise me. Sunday they should be open though.

      I loathe the Stinking Rose. I reeked for a week the one time I went there, I find their commercials on television distasteful, and while I love garlic, it drives me NUTS when everything is flavoured with it.

      That Thai pumpkin dessert can be made with kabocha squash as well... it's good but you have to be in the right frame of mind for it.

      Sorry for the negative post - I'm in a really bitchy mood.

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      1. re: PRSMDave

        well, at least two of us left with headaches
        from the garlic, so I don't think we'll return.

        Thanks for the Magic Carpet info; my religion
        IQ is zero....