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Feb 7, 2008 12:04 PM

Best hot chocolate in Toronto?

Just wondering where to find the best hot chocolate in the city, and why? My little girl and I like going out for hot chocolate (she likes to say she is going for coffee with her girlfriend!), so am wondering if there are some neat spots we could go.

So far she is partial to Ed's in the Beach, since they serve it with a big dollop of marshmallow cream.

Other suggstions?

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  1. The Mayan hot chocolate at Soma (in the Distillery) is wickedly good. You can order it as an undiluted shot or made with milk or water. It's spicy, though. I can't recall whether there is a "regular" hot chocolate option. It's worth giving them a call to check, though. You and your little girl would enjoy a visit there. She'd love watching the chocolates getting made in the kitchen.

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      Yes, the stuff at Soma is good stuff. Had the shot just the day before. I'm ambivalent about the chile in chocolate thing that's so popular but it's smooth and dark with nice accents from other flavours.

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        Definitely agree on Soma's Mayan hot chocolate. They also have an exquisite Bicheron (not sure if I got the spelling right, but I believe it's pronounced bee-cher-on) -- hot chocolate espresso drink.

        I also really like the hot chocolate at JS Bonbons. She does some really nice flavours (e.g. lavender). Not sure if there's anywhere to really sit and warm up with a drink though.

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          Love Soma's - though I doubt a little girl would like it (as many others have pointed out - even for adults, it is quite fire-y). It is very spicy compared to traditional hot chocolates, even with milk. Just as a caution. Nice on a cold winter's day. Cheers!

      2. i liked the hot chocolate at Aroma (bathurst and bloor). it's almost a 'make your own' hot chocolate since they steam the milk and pour it over the chocolate and then you have to stir it a lot to be sure you don't leave all the chocolate at the bottom of the cup. i think i liked it most because it was real chocolate and not the overly sweet powder mixes. other than that, i second the spicy hot chocolate from soma!

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          I second the rec. for Aroma - love the real chocolate at the bottom. Soma is delicious but depending on how little your "little girl" is, the Mayan flavours may be a bit much for her - though it is a fun place to go. I also like the hot chocolate at Patachou but it may not be sweet enough for your daughter - and they don't have whipped cream.

          Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best. When I was a little chowpup, I was perfectly content with a hot chocolate from one of those machines at the ice skating rink - something about the cool, fresh air and watching the machine make it. Go for a skate at City Hall and grab a hot chocolate at Starbucks and I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience for both of you.

        2. You have to try Sweet Olenka's, which is on Lakeshore Boulevard West near Royal York! Fabulous hot chocolate, lots of cream, sinfully rich. They also do handmade chocolates and terrific, homeade ice cream. You can then go for a walk by the lake or to one of the many parks along Lake Ontario. Would be fun with kids.

          1. You have to try Ambience Chocolat (French spelling) on Queen East near Broadview. New place. They use 55% Valrhona chocolate melted with 35% cream!!!!! Sooooooooooooo good. Too grown up for your girl? Good cookies and chocolates too.

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              Thank you for the tip! I think I may need to drop by there this weekend :)

              1. re: singe

                I've noticed that place - it's not far from where I live and I go to the library near it. I may be stopping by there this weekend myself.

                1. re: singe

                  Thank you thank you thank you for the recommendation. Went and tried it today. Warmth, comfort and happiness in a cup. An absolute contender for the city's best.

                  I haven't had a cup of hot chocolate that good since I was in Italy...

                  1. re: Otonabee

                    That's really great! I for one really want to see these nice folks make a go of it here in Leslieville. Have you tried their bonbons yet? Nice and small, so you can try quite a few flavours without going overboard.

                    1. re: singe

                      what are the prices like there? What do they sell besides chocolate?

                      1. re: professor plum

                        I didn't go in (the DH went in for me). He was very pleased with the prices though, two small hot chocolates and one truffle came in at a total of $6.

                        I gather the truffle was quite nice as well.

                  2. re: singe

                    Breakfast Television had Jennifer with her Live Eye report there this morning. We watched them make their famous hot chocolate. It looked great.

                    1. re: Maimonides

                      City TV, eh? That's very cool!
                      As for prices...that's something else I like about these guys. Each chocolate runs .55 to .85 each! So you can lots!!!! The cookies are delish too.

                      1. re: singe

                        Has anyone had hot chocolate at Juliet et Chocolat in Montreal? I keep hoping I'll find a place like that in Toronto, and I'm wondering if the hot chocolate at Ambience measures up to that standard?

                        The price point is very different (I think the hot chocolate at Juliet et Chocolate is around $5 [and up, if you go for the fancier blends], but it's absolutely worth it) so I'm a little doubtful that we're talking about the same kind of hot chocolate.

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