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Feb 7, 2008 11:55 AM

Limoncello Italian Restaurant

I just noticed it today walking from JH to Broadway. It's just on the other side of Roosevelt at 82nd/Baxter. Surprisingly, the menu is actually Italian, and not a Colombian restaurant that is called 'Italian.' (Perhaps I'm exaggerating a bit about the frequency of this, but I was a bit let down when the 'Texas Grill' turned out to have not much to do with Texas.)

I poked my head in and today was the first day open. I didn't have time for lunch, but grabbed a menu. The proprietor is a friendly guy who seemed excited about his new place.

It's cheerfully decorated (bright yellow, and in a space that gets lots of natural light) and has a menu that reflects not very inventive, but hopefully good, food. Appetizers are things like grilled asparagus, roasted peppers with anchovies, calamari, clams Possilipi. Soups are the expected minestrone, pasta e fagioli, and also a tortellini and a sparchatella. (Excuse my spelling, but it isn't so perfect on the menu, either!)

Typical pasta entrees, and also veal, chicken, beef, and seafood dishes. The lunch menu is $11 for a combination, with a side dish, pasta, and soft drink.

There are desserts as well.

If anyone gives it a shot, please post your impressions here! Looks like they take credit cards, and that they deliver, but no credit cards for delivery.

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  1. Another place with many incarnations. I saw a good amount of people in it around 4 or so.

    1. We checked it out last night. Somehow, there is not heat, other than what is coming from a few electric heaters. Freezing in there. We had a grilled asparagus appetizer with fresh mozzarella and vegetables. It was very good! We ordered homemade gnocchi with marinara, and it was also very good. My linguini with meatballs was so-so. We took a piece of tiramisu home, but haven't dug into it yet.

      The atmosphere was a bit odd, somehow. The cold temperature, the emptiness, the nice yellow paint in contrast with the old and musty counter that has probably been in this space for a few decades. Not totally positive we'll be back. The asparagus was a stand-out, though. Maybe when the temperature warms up?