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Feb 7, 2008 11:52 AM

Taco Adobe in Old Town Orange!

Amazing Mexican-Southwestern food, extremely cheap and fast. I went there today for the first time and had the best burrito of my entire life. Blackened mahi mahi burrito with chipotle white sauce, cabbage and cotija cheese. TO DIE FOR! At a mere fare of $7.00.

Huge variety of fish and shrimp dishes. The speacial today was blackened salmon enchiladas.

Located near the corner of Lemon and Chapman

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  1. Salmon enchiladas! Wow! Sounds yummy! How did I miss your post back on the 7th! I don't think I've ever seen this place. Would you recommend it for lunch, dinner, or both? (By dinner I mean a nice, sit down dinner, relaxing, nice environment - lunch at a "bare bones/basics" place is fine w/ me but at dinner I want some comfort & atmosphere.)

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      It's a very small, cute place. I would go for either. For lunch i like to get burritos and for dinner I like to get mahi mahi fajitas or enchiladas. But it's atmosphere is not anything impressive. The food is so amazing though, I mean the fish is delicious.

    2. there is a bigger place in Santa Ana (the original one)?

      Taco Adobe
      1319 N. Main St.
      Santa Ana, CA 92701

      Blackened mahi mahi burrito is really good. I take the train home & the place in Orange is near the train station, so I guess I'll grab something on my way home too.