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Feb 7, 2008 11:46 AM

Atlanta Next Week

I'll be in Atlanta next week and need some pretty inexpensive options. I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency downtown and would love some walking distance options (and I don't mind hoofing it a bit). I've searched the board and have questions:

1. The only thing I've found near the hotel is Hsu's -- is it good? What else is nearby?
2. Vortex - still seriously good burgers? I notice they have a midtown location -- is it as good as Five Points?
3. Baraonda for Italian looks pretty awesome -- yes?
4. Brekkie spots (though not walkable): Java Jive and Murphy's. Are these worth the drive? Is there anything downtown? FYI, we just got a Flying Biscuit in CLT so I'd like something different.
5. No Mas -- pretty easy drive from the hotel -- worth it?

Please feel free to trash these recs and gimme some new ideas.


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  1. 1. Can't really help you with downtown. There is a new upscale sports bar called Stats if that kind of thing interests you. Ted's Montana Grill is actually pretty good.
    2. Vortex--yes and yes.
    3. I love Baraonda and its sister restaurant Enoteca Carbonari next door.
    4. Java Jive is a favorite spot of mine.
    5. No Mas is really close that's for sure, and if you want Mexican go for it. I would say it's worth it, but it is what it is. There is also a sushi place right next door.
    6. Someone recently suggested Rosa's for pizza which is downtown.

    1. I work right there, and inexpensive is kind of hard to find downtown since it's mainly conference goers and business travelers (i.e. company-paid dinners). Hsu's is very good, and I highly highly reccomend Rosas pizza, but they only do lunch. People I work with rave about Mama Ninfa's (Mexican), accross from Hsu's, but I'd only rate it as average. City Grill is actually very reasonable for lunch too. You can walk over to the CNN center for all the restaurants there (can't think of them off the top of my head but you could look onling). Landmark diner is a good spot for HUGE portions of food very cheap - it's around back of the GSU business school, next to the big black Equitable building. Hope that helps for cheap downtown dining!

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        That helps a lot. Thanks to both of you!

      2. My wife works down there and is excited that a new Vietnamese place opened up around Broad St. She had pho and enjoyed it.

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          what is the name of the vietnamese place? sources for intown vietnamese for few and far between...a new one would be great...

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            She picked up a menu that says "DUA" at the top. It's at 53 Broad St.

        2. 1. Never heard of Hsu's. Try Top Flr, corner of Myrtle and Ponce in Midtown. Small, unassuming, very cool neighborhood spot. Eat at the bar.
          2. Vortex is great both locations. Get the Pimento Cheeseburger
          3. Baraonda is OK...If you're coming that far, try Ecco on 7th (a bit pricey). You can nosh on excellent cheeses and house-cured meats for cheap(er).
          4. Carroll St. Cafe in Cabbagetown. Java Jive is good, too. The Biscuit sucks, IMHO.
          5. No Mas is very average. If average Mexican is what you want, at least try Caramba Cafe in Morningside...the margaritas are outstanding and made with Mia's freshly squeezed lime juice.