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Feb 7, 2008 11:28 AM

Driving from Berkeley to Sonora. Dinner around Manteca/Oakdale?


I am driving to the snow tomorrow eve. with my 10 year old son. Any recommendations for a good stop for dinner anywhere where 99 meets 120/108 (Manteca, Oakdale area?) I've seen the posts for Jamestown area, but in case we don't last that long...

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  1. Oakdale:
    1. House of Beef - great BBQ
    2. The Italian place on the east side of town.
    As you are heading east it is on the right (south) side.
    Both are good.

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      Ferrarese's Deli Restaurant in Oakdale is wonderful. It's right on the main street on the south side of the road as you start to head out of town. It's rustic, but charming and the food is fabulous. Whenever we go that way, we stop. Never disappointed.