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Feb 7, 2008 11:21 AM

Excellent restaurants in Stratford,Bridgeport, Milford, The Valley and West Haven.

I am looking for excellent restaurants in Stratford,Bridgeport, Milford, The Valley and West Haven. I enjoy just about any kind of food and the price range can be anywhere from the cheap hotdog stand up to the 4 star expensive restaurants. Thank you in advance.

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  1. In Shelton:
    Il Palio for fine dining
    Liquid Lunch for great soup, sandwich

    Roseland for pizza, pasta

    1. In West Haven, try a few of our faves:
      Oyster River Tavern
      Duffy's Tavern
      And for a great hot dog, head over to Chick's Drive In.

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        for drive in seafood, Stowe's Seafood in West Haven

        First Street Pizza in Seymour

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          Seconding Lorenzo's. Make sure you wait to hear the specials before you order - that is where they shine. Though the lasagna and many other dishes off the menu are awesome too.

        2. Derby: Roseland
          Milford: Bistro Basque, Beach House, East, Citrus
          West Haven: Swagat (cheap but delicious indian)
          Naugatuck: Santos (portugeuse)

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            Seconding Bistro Basque - I can't wait to go again!

          2. Stratford:
            Acapulco's, downtown- Some of the best Mexican around, and the best Chile Rellenos ever.
            Biagio's Ryder's Landing, near Rt. 15- Trattoria-style high-end-ish Italian. Very good.
            Stella's, across from Sikorsky- Good homey red-sauce Italian and pizza.

            Tuscany- Some of the most outrageously good Italian food I've ever had, and I've had tons. Polenta with caramelized mushrooms and gorgonzola, OMG. (One of the cheapest things on the menu, too.)

            Bistro Basque- tapas/spanish.
            Seven Seas- pub food.
            Cafe Atlantique- cute coffee shop/wine bar.
            There's a bunch of new places that have just opened that I haven't tried yet.

            The Valley:
            Nardelli's, Naugatuck: Killer sandwiches and Italian grocery.

            West Haven:
            Daiko- excellent sushi. My all-around favorite in the area.
            Zuppardi's: good pizza.

            And since it's between Milford and West Haven, may I add Orange:
            Friend House, next to Trader Joe's- Different sushi than Daiko, a bit more adventurous. Get the Fuji Maki- they break out the torch! They also have other pan-asian things, which are hit or miss. Pad Thai, not so good, Cashew Chicken was excellent. I always go for the sushi.
            Coromandel- excellent Indian food.
            Thai House- decent Thai food.

            1. Bin 100, one of the newer joints in Milford and mentioned elsewhere on this site, is outstanding .Their imaginative food, excellent service and nice atmosphere make for a very enjoyable dining experience. Not inexpensive but worth the money, imo.