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Feb 7, 2008 11:09 AM


I heard (not sure if this is urban legend) that you can eat dandillion (the stuff that grows in my yard and I'm always trying to kill). Is that true? What part can I eat and how do you prepare them.

BTW, what else can be foraged out of the yard?

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  1. Its true - but most dandelion greens that i eat are grown for that purpose. They are larger and leafier . But if you know what has been in your yard and you skipped the toxic fertilizer then you can eat the leaves as a start. Its a bitter green - sort of like rapini or other greens. Saute it put a little shredded carrot or something sweet with it or blanche it and make a salad.

    ...You can hang and cure those garden gnomes - creating a kind of prosciutto :-)

    1. If you've been using anything you wouldn't want on a salad to kill the dandelions, you won't want to eat the ones in your yard. If you want to try them I see them at my farmers market and I saw some at Whole Foods last week.

      1. I've been to a restaurant before that put them in one of their field green salads - stem and flower.

        1. use a short, stiff bladed knife - dig at an angle next to the dandelion, cutting its root completely thru - about 1/4 - 1/2 ' below the ground surface. Hopefully, u will end up with a rosette of leaves (the whole plant). If u cut it too high and the leaves separate , its still ok. Only do this as soon as spring peeks out - because when the buds form heavily and they flower- they r way too bitter for a salad, which is all i ever used them for. U must then rinse thoroughly and u have the best salad greens imaginable. Oil/ vinegar dressing , and I could eat it everyday.

          They can be cooked with pork hocks , also. Other things u can eat are pansies , most flowers, cattails,burdock, lambs tongue, and purslane.