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Feb 7, 2008 10:59 AM

Restaurant near City Hall for 20+ people for lunch?


I'm getting married at City Hall and need to find a restaurant for 20 to 25 people who can spend a couple hours there starting noon. Is Chinatown the only affordable option? Do you think a restaurant would balk at giving over so much space to a party that clearly will be taking its time?

Any suggestions? There will be one or two vegans, everybody else is an adventurous eater. It can be a nice, reasonably pricey place, but we can't afford to rent out the space.


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  1. Try City Hall (the restaurant), with notice i think they should be able to accommodate the vegans, and the place is large. Don't know if open for lunch, but Mai House in Tribeca is comfortable and I had a great dinner there last week. Also Landmarc in Tribeca, or Odeon. Congratulations!