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Feb 7, 2008 10:49 AM

Xinh Xinh Closed?

Walked to Chinatown for some pho at lunch and found Xinh Xinh closed.

Any 411?

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  1. Nothing official. But, they may be closed for the Lunar New Year (Tet).

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    1. I tried to buy some stuff at Mings and they were closed too. I'm assuming it's the New Year too.

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      1. re: tumbledrylow

        Super88 in Brighton was open today, but you could have shot a cannon down the aisles and not hit a soul. Made for a calm, if slightly eerie, experience.

      2. That's was my first thought, but everything else in Chinatown seemed to be open. Had a decent bowl at Pho Hoa.

        1. A great place I hope it's not closing.

          1. Different Chinese/Vietnamese spots might be closed on different days in the coming week because of the New Year celebrations. for example Penang will be closed monday and tuesday next week. So don't panic if you see something closed in the coming week!

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            1. re: nasilemak

              Don't fret- I had a bowl of Bun Rieu for lunch on the 14th. They're open...