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Feb 7, 2008 10:38 AM

Need a great homemade sausage recipe

I was just reading a post about someone going to a pizza party and it gave me the idea to ask all of you for homemade sausage recipes as my friends are having a sausage making/stuffing party on Sunday. I have made a few different types, Italian Sausage and Maple Breakfast which were both fine although really lean. I am thinking of making a bratwurst or a chicken/chipotle. Does anyone have any secrets for not adding a ton of extra pork fat but coming up with a sausage that is not dry? Add olive oil?? Any suggestions would be great! I really love this website! I'm addicted. What is more fun then talking about food, food and more food!

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  1. If you are new to sausage making, get this book:
    Sausage generally has 25 -30% fat. A recent thread had some recipes for lower fat sausage.

    1. I just made my first sausage batch today. I used a boneless loin roast that was on sale and added a chunk of salt pork as I couldn't find fatback and I'm lazy. Ground it up (2.5 lb roast and 12 oz salt pork. Got about 3 lbs of ground pork out of it.
      Divvied it up in thirds. Used the Bittman recipe for breakfast sausage: salt, pepper, sage and allspice. Then made a batch of the Garlic Fennel for a sweet Italian sausage.
      The thing about sausage is you gotta add fat to it or else it's tasteless and dry. In Bittman's book, he states "There's no way to put this delicately: The best sausage contains a good deal of fat, usually about a 1/3 as much as lean."
      I had fun with adjusting seasonings and playing around with the mixture. I'd like to try chicken as well. I'm not sure that Olive Oil would work, but give it a shot!

      1. Turkey, bacon and wild rice. Or chicken.

        Search for a recipe for Swedish Potato Sausage. That's good stuff.

        Maybe a mix of beef, pork and barley?

        Have fun. Making sausage is cool.