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Feb 7, 2008 10:17 AM

Vegan Bakery?

I'm in search of the best vegan (breakfast) pastries is the bay area. Does anyone have any leads on the the best vegan baked goods around?

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  1. Crixa Cakes Berkeley makes a Russian Honey Cake with honey,orange and a bit of coffee for Lent with no dairy products or eggs. My daughter,the vegan, loves it. Available when not on the daily menu on request.

    1. I don't know about breakfast pastries, but I know Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley (just off College Ave in the Elmwood) does some vegan cakes and such.

      1. not baked but raw Cafe Gratitude has the best!!! coconut cream pie. Good breakfast too for a sit down style.

        1. I've been meaning to check out Cafe Mariposa near my neighborhood in Oakland. It's near 55th and Telegraph Ave. They sell gluten-free and dairy-free products so it sounds like it might fall in your criteria, but I can't vouch for whether it's good. It sounds good on their Web site:

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            I can vouch that Mariposa's stuff is good, you wouldn't even guess it was gluten-free. But they use a lot of butter, and their dairy-free stuff contains eggs.

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              I like the brownies at Mariposa a lot, but as Robert mentioned they don't make vegan baked goods. If you go, here's some of what I tried.

              Ask them what they only sell in-house. A lot of what they make can be found in most markets like Whole Foods or Andronicos.

              Anyway, the only good thing that came out of my visit to Cole Coffee was that they sell vegan donuts made by People's Donuts of Berkeley. They are actually better than most regular donuts but pricy at $1.75 each ... very good though. Here's the website. A ton of places sell them.

              They are not open for breakfast, but Manzanita in Oakland has a bakery counter. Maybe I haven't tried the right thing yet, but I think you need to be a vegan to appreciate them.

              Arizmendi once made a few vegan items but don't know if they currently do.

              Does anyone know if Greens sells vegan baked goods or only vegitarian?

              Ok, I remember what it was ... I drove by this place and looked it up but haven't tried it yet ... The No Bakery in Oakland. Not so much breakfast stuff, but cookies and brownies. They sell at a lot of markets which are listed on their website.

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                Greens is not Vegan only vegetarian

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                  When I am there a few times a year, Greens-to-go does have a few Vegan baked goods. I haven't tried any that I recall, but am very fond of their chocolate sweets.

            2. I like the "People's Donut" that Rainbow Grocery sells. It's from a different bakery, I don't know if they have a bricks and mortar store front. Rainbow generally has a good sampling of vegan baked goods, though since I'm not vegan I don't bother with them in general. I generally trust their taste and focus on small local producers, so even if the products aren't as fresh as you could find them straight from the source, they've already done a fair amount of work "curating" the selection and you can start from there.

              For example, they've carried the fantastic pretzels from Esther's German Bakery pretty much from day 1 when she did her baking in a rented space at night.