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Who has the best Milkshake in Raleigh???

Ok Chowhounders... when the sun is shining like it is today, I want to get a milkshake. Who has the best one? My preference is Chocolate made out of Choc. ice cream (not vanilla with chocolate syrup). What are your favorites and where?

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  1. If you don't mind a little drive, try the S&T Soda Shop in downtown Pittsboro. Their shakes are made from real ice cream and milk. Or you could take a small family and share a banana split. It's on 15/501 about a block north of the courthouse.

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      Will second S&T's. Their shakes are awesome, but nearly all their ice cream dishes are - definitely enough for two.

      Also, they prepare chicken salad daily that is arguably better than any in the triangle area.

    2. Hmmm.

      Used to be, I'd think first of Ninth St in Durham to McDonald's drugstore and soda fountain. They finally closed up shop, though it looks like someone is reopening a renovated version of the same in that spot.

      And Raleigh's best indie ice cream shop had been Cream and Bean. But they're gone now too.

      I'm sure one of the traditional diner type joints (Finch's, Joe's, etc.) could fix you up, but not having ordered one in a while I don't have a recommendation for you based on that.

      Poole's might offer one. If they do, it'd be great.

      Based on old, but first-hand experience, you might want to head over to the Person Street Pharmacy. They've got a nice soda fountain operation there.

      Person Street Pharmacy
      Raleigh, NC, Raleigh, NC

      1. Great question. My vote based on limited research goes to Pharaoh's in North Hills (although I assume one downtown may have as well).

        I like the taste of the chargrill and cook-out ones ok but rule them out because they come out of a machine. I tried the Burger Hut over on Morgan recently and am sad to say that both the shake and burger were disappointing although it was made with real ice cream and milk.

        1. Ben and Jerry's places have fine shakes, with premium ice cream. For my annual chocolate shake ...

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          1. CookOut shakes are made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. If you like fruit shakes, CookOut has the best ones around. My favorites are peach cobbler, banana pudding, and mint chocolate chip.

            Elmo's also has shakes but they are with a vanilla ice cream base, too.

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              You make a good point. I rarely order chocolate shakes, so I hadn't considered the importance of the base flavor.

              One flavor that I really like is hot fudge, which uses a vanilla base. Good stuff.

              I'd think Hayes-Barton would be well worth a try on ambiance alone.

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                In my experience, it's a regional difference. Northerners expect chocolate/chocolate or a chocolate all the way. Southerns expect vanilla with chocolate syrup.

            2. My favorite shake is at Hayes Barton Cafe in the 5 points area. Frank can really make a great coffee milkshake.......

              Barton Hayes Cafe & Dessertery
              2000 Fairview Rd, Raleigh, NC 27608

              1. Two of the best milkshakes places used to be (still are) in downtown Raleigh. The "sundries shop" in the Progress Energy building, if it is still there, and the tiny sandwich shop across from the County courthouse made killer shakes. I think that thier chocolate shakes are made from vanilla ice cream, but, hey, that is the way I like them.

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                  The State Soda shop, across from the courthouse, makes excellent milkshakes. My favorite is the Chocolate Malt.

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                    Yep, forgot about the Hayes Barton Cafe. Good stuff there. Nice cakes and pies too.

                    ...Adding places link for the State Soda Shop...

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                      Also, Crema on Fayetteville St. Ice creams, coffee and shakes/frappes.

                      Raleigh, NC, Raleigh, NC

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                      Had forgotten about the Sundries Shop. Been awhile since I was on that end of the "mall" but they were still there a little over a year ago. I had gotten to where I would get them made with the frozen yogurt instead of ice cream there to ease the guilt a little. Either way, they were pretty good.

                    3. My pregnant friend loves the milkshakes at that Circus restaurant where Wake Forest and Atlantic meet over near Capital Blvd. The pregnant lady speaks!