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Feb 7, 2008 09:54 AM

Seeking chow close to Hyatt Regency on E. Wacker

Staying in Chicago Sat-Wed. No car. Short on funds. Anything w/in walking distance of the hotel w good chow. Veggie options a plus. Would like to p/u a few groceries too (fruit/yogurt/cereal) for snacks b/c hotel prices on these items is rediculous. Is Fox and Obel nearby? Thanks.

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  1. Fox and Obel is within walking distance - it is about 3-4 blocks north of the Hyatt across the Chicago River -

    Check out this thread for a good list of places nearby the Westin River North -which is just a few blocks west of your hotel -

    Fox & Obel Food Market
    401 E Illinois St, Chicago, IL 60611

    1. Some students who were staying at the Hyatt Regency had a similar question in a previous topic; you may want to check out the discussion there, as many of the responses are along the same lines of what you are looking for (although a few of the recommendations are elsewhere around the city and not near the Hyatt). You'll find it at

      1. For fruit/yogurt/cereal for cheaper than Fox & Obel check out CVS or Walgreens. Just basic stuff

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          There is also a Dominick's grocery store at 255 E Grand Ave
          Chicago, IL 60611 - one of the local grocery store chains with the more reasonable prices than Fox and Obel - it is only a block further north than F&O

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            Fox & Obel has a wee cafeteria at its east end which can be tasty and fairly-priced.

            Sayat Nova, the Armenian hideaway on E. Ohio, is my favorite place for a lunch that tastes better than it costs.

            Boston Blackie's on Grand has good cheeseburgers (and smelt) and a lively Chicsgo atmosphere.

            L'Appetito Italian delis, one at the base of the John Hancock Building and one east of Michigan on... Pearson?

            You might want to look at's current thread on CNG Gyro's.

            Good luck.