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Feb 7, 2008 09:40 AM

Tango Grill Cafe Chelmsford, Chacacero Fix?

Been driving by this new place called Tango Grill Cafe next to Fresh Chow on 110. It supposedly serves Argentinian and Chilean cuisine. The last two establishments that occupied this storefront, did not last very long. Curiosity got me to google it to see if there were any articles online.

I came across this one:

Going to have to go get me a Chacacero sometime to see if it rivals the one made in Boston. Had them fax me a menu. They also have a Grilled Cuban and other interesting Grilled Panini's on there like a Brie, Apple and Caramelized onion.

Anyone else try this place yet?

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  1. Haven't even past it, where exactly is this? I love the sound of it.

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      It just opened about 2 weeks ago. 12 Chelmsford St (RTE 110), less than a block from Chelmsford Center heading towards Lowell. It's between a hair salon and Fresh Chow. You have to park on the side of the building.

    2. Update: I finally stopped by. It's a small cafe with about 8 tables in it. I ordered a Chacacero with chicken. Great homemade bread, moist chicken nicely seasoned, good fresh avo spread with the typical toppings. I also had them add their homemade chimichurri to it. They melt the meunster cheese on it at the end too, which is a nice touch. They come in one size and they are $6.

      I have had the Chacacero in Boston once before, but it was awhile ago. I seem to remeber it being a bit better. With that being said, I'd go back for this one again and again due to the fact that it's much more convenient to me.

      Also, I might avoid the Panini's, they looked skimpy and the bread they use is flatter than a pancake.

      1. My wife and I just had lunch there. Went in for breakfast, but once we saw the lunch menu decided to order that instead. I ordered the beef chacarero and my wife ordered the Cuban.

        They were very eager to please, as there seems to be a lot of competition in that area for restaurants. I thought it was pretty good, my wife didn't like her cuban as much as I did. Overall I'd definitely try it again, I am curious to try the empanadas. Prices are definitely reasonable, with most sandwiches in the $5-$7 range. They also have salads. Breakfast was pretty cheap with meals between $4 and $6.

        It's worth a try, and in our opinion, was definitely better than cafe madrid. They are only open for breakfast and lunch (5:30-3pm on mon-sat, 7am-3pm sun if i remember correctly). I thought I remember an article in the sun talking about them wanting to get a liquor license and opening for dinner in the future.

        1. I went last week and after fighting traffic through the center to get there, I waited 20 minutes to pick up the takeout I ordered. Got it back to the office and it was cold and not very fresh...This is definitely one to avoid...I'll be going back to Cafe Madrid.

          1. I got breakfast here last weekend and it was okay. The owner was a doll and, as someone mentioned, "eager to please," and the coffee was great. The waiter, as much as he touted his experience, didn't really seem to have things under control.

            My cousin got the eggs florentine (I think they only have bene on the menu, but they were happy to swap out the meat for spinach) and she said the sauce was great and the homefries were good, but the eggs were cooked through. We kind of got the impression that wasn't because of the ineptitude of the kitchen staff, but more because the food had sat too long under the heat lamp.

            I got the beef empanada, which was good but it was premade and just reheated. The waiter said they were special empanadas shipped in from Puerto Rico, which may have been meant to impress, but it actually kind of confused me. The empanada was good, but I really hoped for something fresh. I would have been fine with what I had if it had be a small take-out cafe but I was expecting something different. Wicked Local says that they make all of the food fresh, so maybe I missed something -- from the photos on Wicked Local that certainly appears to be the case.

            Also, my chimichurri sauce came in a little plastic tupperware-type cup; I didn't love the presentation but the chimichuri was out of this world. I licked that damn tupperware clean!

            I have friends who own restaurants and have been told to give every new place at least two months to get things under control. Maybe by then they waiter will step up and get the job done and they'll have a kitchen that functions well enough to serve up fresh empanadas.