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Feb 7, 2008 09:27 AM

Does anyone know if Anpurna is open?

I thought this resturant was closed for renovations. Does anyone know if they have re-opened or if they would like to recommend a good place for samosas and cheap but yummy Indian food ?

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  1. I thought it was closed period, but i lobbed a phone call into them and the voice mail says closed for reno's until the end of January 2008. Doubt they are open yet, but it sounds like they will be reopening.

    As an alternative, I like the samosas and cheap Indian at Bombay Sweet House. Lots of lunch buffets around town provide good value too - check the old threads for more.

    1. Green Chili ( has good samosas and cheap food - one dish plus rice/naan is more than enough for 2 people. They are take-out/delivery only though.

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      1. re: ajy

        Possibly interesting news: The Filipino "convenience store" near Chianti on 17th Ave SW west of 14 St is closing, and in the window is a sign for Green Chili. I noticed this last week and am not sure that this will be a new location for Green Chili, but if it is, it'll be great for west beltliners.

        EDITED to add- I just called and they are indeed opening there, but the owner had an odd request that I will honour: Apparently some of the NIMBY idiots are complaining that they'll require too much parking- thanks for supporting urban vibrancy, you clods- and asked me to email her to say how happy I am to have a good fast-service Indian place that I and other residents of the area (Sunalta, Bankview, west Beltline) can walk to so we don't have to drive to their location on Crowchild.

      2. I'm not sure if the food will be the same when it reopens. We ate there before it closed and the older couple that used to own it told us they had sold it. I believe it was bought by two brothers from Vancouver but don't quote me on that. I hope they keep the menu the same. They offered many dishes that I haven't found anywhere else.

        1. Anyone been by lately? Any news? I am dying for their masala dosa - and fear for the worst, as we spoke to one of the new owners shortly before they closed it for reno's. He talked about improvements, and bringing it up a notch. Nothing needed changing, and talk of "notching things up" means more $$.

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          1. re: CriolloLover

            I drove by last night around...9:30? It looked quite closed. Not sure if it was the time, or if it still hasnt reopened since the reno.

            Of course, i thought Opus was closed and it wasnt, so take it with a grain of salt :)

          2. Actually, they finally reopened yesterday! Almost exactly a year after closing for renovations? I live very close to there and have been checking on the progress and noticed the new sign a month and a bit ago. I finally saw someone inside on Friday and
            he confirmed they would be reopening the next day (March 1) . I stopped by yesterday to take a look at the menu, and most if not all of the old stuff is included plus some new Tamil Nadu style dishes? The prices have gone up though, all appetizers $5.00. And entrees $9.00. But the exciting thing is that they are having weekday lunch buffets now, 11:30-3:00 ??. Not sure of the price. Also, I'm not sure of their evening/weekend hours or if they are still closed on Mondays.

            But, I am very excited to have it FINALLY reopen, even with the expected price increase. I think I will try out the buffet on Friday. I can report back !

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            1. re: nyarlathotep

              Do you mean Annapurna on West 4th? I'm fairly sure I ate there in January 08.

              1. re: twinkienic

                The Anpurna cat is referring to is in Calgary - 52nd and Memorial SE.
                Funny how there are often the same name for certain kinds of restaurants no matter what city you go to. I can't even begin to guess how many cities have a restaurant called Peking Garden :)

                  1. re: yen

                    What great news!
                    The last time I packed up the fam, for a cross city trip to enjoy "cheap veggie curry" we were sadly met with a closed rest.
                    Can't wait to get back there! mmmmm!

                      1. re: twinkienic

                        I was reading this thread all confused too, thinking But it's still open....

                        From Van

                        1. re: starlady

                          There are restaurants called Anpurna in other cities. We even have 50,000+ east Indians here in Cowtown!

                  2. re: nyarlathotep

                    I just got back and I haven't quit smiling. Just as delicious as I remembered. Not so into the renovations, but the food was amazing. The girl said they were going to have live entertainment in there on the weekends and a full bar which will be interesting to see. I kind of miss the hominess of the old Anpurna, but the food makes up for it.

                    1. re: Bananna85

                      What renos did they do? What does it look like now? Same owner?

                      1. re: Bananna85

                        I read "hominess" as "horniness." Still, this is thrilling :).