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Feb 7, 2008 09:26 AM

Good Indian in Watertown/Belmont

Hello All, I am looking for a good Indian place for lunch in the Watertwon/Belmont area. Something with a good Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala. Any recas are appreciated.

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  1. I recently ate at Kasish in Belmont and enjoyed it, but didn't have either of the dishes you're referring to.

    1. Gotta say, the pickings are slim. I'm not a fan of Kashish - can you head into Cambridge? In a pinch, Kashish is passable. Dunno of anywhere in Watertown.

      1. I really like the tandoor chicken at Kashish in Belmont Center, and my daughter enjoys their tikka masala a lot.

        1. Passable Indian in nearby Waltham (New Mother India, Jewel of India) and Lexington (Kushboo), mostly focusing on the predictable Punjabi/Mughal dishes, including a tandoor menu and the not-especially-Indian tikka. I've had hit or miss experiences at Waltham's Kebab and Tandoor (some bad lunches, in particular). Lexington has another place called Bollywood which I have not tried. Options get much better in Allston/Brighton and Cambridge.

          1. I really like Kashish in Belmont. I have a friend who is a chef at a university and is pretty picky about where he goes for food, and one place he loves is Kashish. He actually likes it better than Punjab Cafe in Arlington Center.

            I can't think of any place in Watertown, but if you don't mind going over the border to Cambridge, there are many good ones (Punjabi Dhaba, Passage to India, Bengal Cafe, Ali Baba (Indian and Afghan), and several others).

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              I will second the Kashish recommendation. Have never had a bad meal there. My current favorite is lamb rogan josh, but have tried almost everything on the menu at one time or another (it's my local stand-by). My other common order is the lamb masala dosa - a huge crepe wrapped around ground lamb and spiced potatos and it comes with a cup of lentil soup. Way too much food for this (normally) big eater. When my daughter was very young I caught her reaching her pudgy little hand into the wrapped crepe, grabbing the lamb and stuffing it into her mouth.... an image that will always stay with me (especially as she is now a picky eater who refuses anything that isn't covered with artificial cheese sauce).

              In answer to the original post, they do have good tandori. My wife enjoys the chicken tikki masala on the rare occasions she strays from the vegetarian menu.