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Lunch Choices in Woodland Hills/Warner Center area?

is the woodland hills/warner center area a tragic abyss of just chain restaurants like cheesecake factory; tgfi and the like? or are there some viable lunch choices.

Please enlighten with your favorite lunch destinations.


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  1. Both are chains but I like Gaucho Grill and BJ's.

    1. There are plenty of independent restaurants like Gorikee and Indian restaurant in the same Ralphs shopping center between ventura blvd and oxnard street. Also there is Pizza Cookery that makes very good sandwiches, pizzas, and salads in the Toysrus and Staples shopping center across from Citibank. In addition, there is family owned restaurant called Grandpa Freds BBQ between Desoto and Canoga Ave which makes very good ribs and bbq chicken sandwiches.

      1. for certain comfort food things, i like kate mantilini, along with an egg white veggie omelette.

        for a fast healthy inexpensive lunch, the chicken plate at California Pita on Ventura Blvd in the same center as Jerry's, and the Wow Cow french vanilla yogurt they serve is one of the best whips (each machine has its own character i believe) in the city.

        love the salad bar at the Whole Foods at Canoga

        brothers sushi

        if i want a healthy salad or grilled veggie plate w/ blackened shrimp, i'll head to CPK

        for a greasy spoon, bobby's coffee shop.

        for a quick salad, daphne's.

        1. There is a new middle eastern or israeli market down Ventura near Bobby's. I wonder if they have a deli? Anyone been in?

          Beyond that, I second the Whole foods deli/prepped foods/salad bar. Last time I went, they had some killer burgers on the hot bar. The buns were kept seperate.

          La Frite is sorta near there.

          there is Gyu Kakau and that newish classy mexican place in the re-done mall, and a darn good food court which also has a Farm of Beverly Hills.

          BJ's isn't too lousy for lunch in a pinch.

          there's a Hamburger Habit or something like it near there.

          Roy's and Fleming's are both next to each other on topanga, North of them you can find India's sweets and spices, Red Balls Pizza.

          In Nearby Canoga park is the Follow Your Heart health food market and cafe (YUM!)

          The Saddle Ranch Chop house is near there.

          Is Anarbagh open for lunch? The service is not great, but the food is yummy. You could get take out.

          I woud say Snapper Jon's, but it closed (boo! HIss!)

          Gorikee has one of the best burgers in town, the wimpy burger ONLY at lunch.

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            That newish classy mexican place in the mall is Amaranta and I highly recommend it. The only thing is fighting the urge to not have a fresh fruit margaritas in the middle of the day!

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              Has anyone tried the new Kabab place that replaced Snapper Jon's? Or the Chinese footrub place that just opened in the same stripmall?

            2. I'm a low-end kind of hound, so if you don't mind a "B" or a "C" in the window, you can get great grub at:
              --India's Sweets & Spices (Sherman Way & TCB) Indian vegetarian cafeteria
              --El Tapatio (Jordan & Sherman Way) carnitas/pastor tacos y burritos
              --Red Balls Pizza (TCB & Vanowen) NY-style pizza
              --La Coronita (Canoga & Vanowen) chile rojo

              1. I live in Woodland Hills (near Topanga/Ventura) and work here, so I consider myself somewhat of an authority.

                I second Gorikee (in the eastern most corner of the shopping center/stripmall at Ventura/Topanga). It's the best independent restaurant in the area. Great value and great food. Don't be deterred by the unfriendly exterior. Once you are inside, it's very nice.

                California Pita in the same stripmall is a good choice, too. If you don't like schwarma, try the lemon chicken. They also make great baba ghanoush.

                Red Balls Pizzaon Topanga across from the recently remodeled mall is also excellent. If you don't want pizza for lunch, they have "rolls" which are their take on calzone, served with a salad. Delicious.

                The Baker on Ventura between Topanga and Canoga has excellent homemade bread, and great bread makes great sandwiches. The chocolate truffle cookies are heaven. If you're hungry early, go before 11am while they are still serving breakfast and have the shakshuka eggs.

                Blue Table (in the stripmall with the Post Office at the edge of Calabasas, on Park Granada) has interesting lunch offerings - - salads, small entrees - - they also have great cheeses.

                In the Calabasas Commons, I like Damon & Pythias. The prices are a little high, but I like that you can customize your salad or sandwich however you want it. I really like their fries, too, and it's nice to sit outside on the patio in the rose garden.

                Casa de Carlos (on Ventura Blvd) isn't that great overall, but I do love the bean dip and they make great fajitas.

                Red Dragon (on Ventura Blvd near Casa de Carlos) is the best Chinese in the neighborhood. (I can't stand Yang Chow.) They have reasonably priced lunch specials.

                Lastly, the food court in Topanga Plaza has a lot of choices, and some of the restaurants in the mall are pretty good, too. Amaranta is excellent. I like The Farm. I haven't tried it yet, but I noticed that Gyu-Kaku, the Japanese BBQ joint, now has a $20 all you can eat llunch special.

                Happy lunching.

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                  Couple of afterthoughts...

                  Chick's is also a good place for lunch. I love their wood-roasted chicken and their tortas.

                  The Italian deli on Topanga near Dumetz (same stripmall as Blinkie's donuts) makes good sub sandwiches, both hot and cold ones. Best to go here with a big appetite - the hot sandwiches are huge. Art's Subs at De Soto & Ventura also makes decent sandwiches. Label's Table is a local deli - reliable if not outstanding.

                  There is new development underway at Dumetz & Topanga. According to the signs, there will be a panini place in the new lineup. Could be a future lunch spot to check out.

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                    What??? Not even an honorable mention for the best burgers around at Boulevard Burgers or Zano's for a superb Cajun pasta dish?