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Feb 7, 2008 09:12 AM

New: The Pizza Shop on Ave A

A new pie and slice shop just opened on Ave A, just south of 7th st. So far I've just tried a plain slice, but from what I can tell, this place is cleaner, tastier and fresher than anything else in the immediate area. They have slices, several specialty pies (w/ a whole wheat crust option), hot sandwiches and calzones, too. The one pie w/ toppings that was made already looked fresh (and it's nice to see a couple rather than a billion pre-made...) They have a few stools and a couple booths for sitting. They don't serve beer, but it's nice enough that I would bring some in and eat there, especially if I wanted to order a pie w/ a group. Open until 4 am :)

I hope they do well, as our pizza situation over here had definitely been lacking.

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  1. This is the place that used to be a hole in the wall, normal Ray's-style joint, and now is owned by the folks who own Niagara, the bar next door, right?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Are you talking about the space that used to be Sal's? The one with the takeout window and a dingy narrow dining room?

    2. What is the "pizza situation" in your area? I like Muzzarella a few doors down for Sicilian. If you venture all the way west to 1st Avenue you have Luzzo's and Vinny Vincenz and one more block (gasp) to 2nd Ave for Una Pizza Napoletana. Right around your block you have Gruppo which is good and I still like a slice of the Bayou Beast occasionally from Two Boots.

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        Whats this place called? I too am a huge Vinny Vincenz fan, the man makes a great calzone with fresh mushrooms.

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            Any other places that make a *made to order* calzone? The places I've been to, they take a nasty old calzone off the shelf, split it in half, add my ingredients, and then reheat it in the oven. Crust becomes hard as a rock.

            Dying for a made-to-order calzone. I'll go anywhere...

          2. re: guttergourmet

            Muzzarella is good, too bad there isnt too much variety day to day, but definitely quality pizza

            1. re: Whatsgood

              I happened to be in the area late Friday night, hungry, and remembered this thread...I'm hoping it wasn't the alcohol, but that was a damn good slice, crust a bit crispy, really solid sauce and cheese. They're open till 4AM, which is a plus as I'm in the area on the weekends quite often. Nice, clean space. The other pies looked like they had been sitting out for a while (this was around 2:30AM), which is understandable at that time; the plain pie was definitely fresh though.

          3. I've been eating at this place religiously since it opened. The buffalo chicken pizza is absolutely mind blowing. I always ask for it with hot sauce which I believe is home made. It's so good. Their delivery is always fast. I've been testing out the sandwiches lately and they're just as impressive as the pizza. The sausage and pepper sandwich is my favorite and I found out they even make the focacia (sp?) bread themselves. They're always so sweet, too. Not pretentious at all, like some of the other hip pizza shops in the area. I can't recommend this place enough, and I love that they're open after the bars close.