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Nov 4, 2001 02:05 PM

Santa Barbara eateries

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Hi, My cohorts and I are transplants to the SB area and are looking for good food that is off the beaten path. Price is an issue, but not necessarily a constraint. Most important is exciting new and tasty food experiences. We prefer dives but will eat anywhere and are extremely interested in breakfast locations. Please help as it is a culinary emergency.

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  1. Hello - you can't go wrong with La Super Rica (sp?) on Milpas in Santa Barbara for incredible Mexican food, and there's another Mexican place on the same street, also family-run, but I can't think of the name. Also, if you drive just a bit further north about an hour and a half to Nipomo, you'll end up at Jocko's where they serve the best (IMO) Santa Maria bbq steaks. They're grilled over oak on large outdoor grills that are raised or lowered to regulate the heat. I may not have convinced you to take the trip, but I'm already halfway in my car to drive north right now!

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      Mike Kilgore

      Here is a link to an earlier thread all about Santa Barbara. I don't recall how much of it was about breakfast places, but it undoubtedly covers some of them. Have you tried the Bee-Bop Diner in SB or the Busy-Bee Diner in Ventura?


      1. For breakfast, try Pierre LaFond - a couple of locations on State Street and in El Paseo. The blueberry cornmeal pancakes are especially good. The Summerland Café is also a good breakfast choice, just a few miles south of SB. A varied menu of omelettes and other traditional breakfasts, with a home made quality lacking in chain coffee shop breakfasts.

        Also, check out the California board - there are some SB posts there.

        1. I know this is not what you asked for but I sure enjoyed it. I had lunch Sunday at Cafe Orleans in El Paseo shopping center. The Gumbo was great, the Crawfish Etouffet was wonderful and a fresh baked Chocolate Souffle with Bourbon sauce completed the experience. Total bill with a pasta for my wife was $18.00, $4.00 tip, $22.00 out the door. I just wish they would open one on my corner. I must say that I dislike most Cajun/Creole food but this blew me away. I am not aware of any place that serves this type of food in LA anymore and when they were here it was never as good as this. It also came with cheddar/jalapeno and bananna nut fresh baked muffins. Also very good.

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            Café Orleans is owned and run by the same people as the Palace Café on Cota Street. Orleans is in El Paseo shopping center and has a much smaller menu. Both places are excellent.

          2. esuas... on state... and another in carpenteria have been around for years and are great breakfast joints.... also try anderson's on state.... very good danish breakfasts, la tolteca for mexican is an old staple, brophy brothers for oysters.... etc.