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Feb 7, 2008 09:06 AM

Mexican and Margaritas in a Party Type Atmosphere Echo Park/East Hollywood

I am looking for something as described above. A place that has great drinks and good mexican in that area that isnt going to be so quiet you can hear a pin drop and have a little more lively of a crowd. Going to a concert at The Echo after dinner and want to go someplace to have some fun beforehand too. Thanks.

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  1. El Conquistador on Sunset, always loud, filled and margs are good, very eclectic crowd..
    El Compadre on Sunset near Dodger Stadium is also festive, fun and employ some lethal bartenders.
    Then there's Malo on sunset, the bar has an awesome juke box, plenty of tequila to choose from and you can order food in the bar too.

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      I totally second El Conquistador. The food ranges from average to good, but the margaritas are really strong and it's such a fun atmosphere. I also like the bar at Malo and think that the food can be very good if you order the right things, but it feels like less of a party place to me.