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Feb 7, 2008 09:05 AM

Dinner on the way to the Casinos

Any recommendations for something en route from Fairfield to Mohegan Sun? Would prefer to go somewhere other than New Haven.

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  1. price/cuisine? there is a lot on the shoreline

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      cuisine is wide open. As for price, maybe $15-$22 range for entrees? Basically something casual and nice but not overly pricey. Thanks!

    2. Branford has a lot of good choices and is convenient off 95N. All of these are accessible from exit 54:
      Darbar-- great Indian
      Yooki Yama- Inventive Japanese/Korean
      Tenderloin-steak, American

      In Guilford, exit 58:
      Som Siam-Thai
      Stone House-- seafood, American, beautiful water location

      1. Lenny's in Branford has good New England seafood basics, casual but not dumpy

        The Old Griswold Inn in Essex is chock full of charm and does some fun takes on traditional american cuisine.

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          I am going to send you some websites of places along the way. ( Hope this helps you in some small way.I cant recomend any of them, Except Lennie and Joe's Fishtail in madison,very rustic and good fresh seafood. Good luck.. Earle Ct.

        2. I enjoy Vinnie's Saybrook Fish House in Old a little drive off I-95 but not bad to hop back on. For laid back if you are craving fried food, I enjoy Flanders Fish Market, and it is easy-off, easy-on.

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            Vinnie's is closed. Has been for about a month. They claim it's just for a few months, but nobody around here (Old Saybrook) expects that they'll actually re-open.


            1. re: Redstone

              /SARCASM - - Wonderful, just wonderful - - - /SARCASM and I bought a $100 gift certificate for my niece at Christmas - - So I guess she is now S-O-L. Does anyone know what you do when a place closes and you have a gift certificate there?

              1. re: cheereeo

                I think you can connect the Attorney General's office. I know he made a big deal over the closing of some restaurants in Manchester recently and how consumers can get refunds on their Gift Certificates. Jay

          2. Try the New Deal in Westbrook, always a good meal.