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Feb 7, 2008 08:40 AM

Monteleone area with kids

We'll be staying at the Monteleone Mar 17-23 and I don't know that area well. From mapquest, I see that we're near some of the greats -- Galatoire's, Arnaud's, K-Paul, Palace Grill. We will have a savvy, grown-up 10-year-old with us, but I can't expect her to sit for a long time and be quiet for hours on end. So I"m asking you New Orleanians and frequent travelers: Within a mile or so walk of the Monteleone, what is great and reasonably family-friendly (somewhat casual, no expensive upholstery to ruin, flexible menu, comfy chairs, expedited service)?

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  1. i always direct people with kids to places like mena's palace and johnny's poboys and fiorella's. mena's and johnny's both close after lunch, but they're good for things like fried shrimp and grilled cheeses, which i think kids like. they're all very, very casual. also, kids like pizza, so i might suggest mona lisa. also, kids absolutely love to go to cafe du monde for beignets and chocolate milk. but i don't think you need to limit yourself to these type places, as even the most high-end restaurants in the french quarter are fairly laid back and fun lovin'. it sounds like your daughter would be fine anywhere. (all of the places mentioned above are in the french quarter within walking distance of hotel monteleone.)

    1. It's the Palace Cafe, not Grill and that would be a good place to go.

      1. G.W. Fins might be an option as well, if you're in the mood for seafood. Avoid Arnaud's - the food is not great.

        1. You might want to check out Acme Oyster House. Its very close to the Monteleone and is casual and fun. All I have eaten there is the chargrilled oysters, but they were excellent. For yoiur daughter, they have fried shrimp, grilled chicken and hamburgers, in case the more traditional Louisiana dishes don't appeal to her.

          1. Go right across the street to Mr. B's Bistro. It's one of the Brennan family of restaurants and one of our favorite spots for our weekly Friday lunches. The atmosphere is high-energy and the staff has lots of experience dealing with savvy, grown-up 10-year-olds. We were having lunch at the bar last week when a parade came right off Royal street, weaved through the restaurant throwing beads before exiting out the back door. It's also a great place to spot celebrities.

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