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Feb 7, 2008 08:25 AM

Chocophiles...are happy in Edmonton

Just thought I'd let the chocophiles out there know that Kerstin Roos has now officially opened her store, The Cocoa Room by Kerstin's Chocolates. (She's the chocolatier behind the made-in-Edmonton Chocophilia line of really incredible chocolate bars sold in Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Edmonton.) My current fave is the "Hot Chocolate" bar made with 72% dark with chili, and the dark chocolate with Maldon Fleur de Sel. I am also fascinated by the "Lemon Dream" a white chocolate with candied lemon and lemon oil. And frankly, I detest white chocolate, but this stuff blows my mind.

Anyway, the store is small but great. She's got a corner for the very serious home chocolatier so you can get professional quality chocolate, sugar, etc and make your own creations; there's a little book shelf with some great books on chocolate; Kerstin's own line of bars and a half-dozen incredible imported bars (Slitti, Cluizel, Bonnat, etc.) There's even hot chocolate to-go made from melted chocolate and steamed milk.

The store is located at 10139-112 Street (just across the street from Stantec) in the main floor of a condo building. Just in time for Valentines Day. Of course, you can still order her chocolates off the website or get them at the retail locations across the west. I think there's a list of the current retailers on the site.

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  1. Love dark chocolate. Cannot get enough of it! Thank you for letting us know!

    1. Got my wife a selection from Kerstin's for Valentines.
      My wife was very, very impressed. Reccomend the "Hot Chocolate" as well as the one with orange and pistachio
      Kerstin herself was very helpful and took a great deal of time to explain stuff to myself, a chocolate neophyte.
      Happy to plug a very professional local business

      1. I went in to buy a birthday present and maybe a couple of goodies for myself to try and ended up walking out with $50 worth of chocolate. lol

        Ditto on the orange and pistachio one; am trying to stretch them out so havent' tried the rest yet.

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        1. re: anonymoose

          I don't know that I can cheat on Bernard, I have been faithful to him for so long, and he has treated me sooooo well ;)

          1. re: cleopatra999

            How do these chocolates compare to ones from Chocolate Exquisite? I far prefer them to anything from Callebaut.

            1. re: Dan G

              I can only compare them to Callebaut as I haven't yet tried Chocolate Exquisite (it's on my to do list!).

              Callebaut is more about richer and creamier chocolates, especially with the enrobed chocolates and truffles.

              Kerstin's hand made stuff is more about dark, milk and white bar chocolate with interesting flavours. When I was there I also bought some origin chocolate from a French company (whose name escapes me at the moment), and some of Kerstin's chocolate cavier (cocoa nibs dipped in dark chocolate and then rolled in cocoa powder). She wasn't selling any traditional truffles or enrobed chocolate that I could see.

              1. re: Dan G

                Chocolate Exquisiste does a vairety of bonbons and he does make some small bars. He has switched couveratures and plans on using Michel Cluizel exclusively.

          2. I'm going to a chocolate tasting at the Cocoa Room on Friday. I think there are still tickets if people are interested.

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            1. re: anonymoose

              I think you got the last ones anonymoose. The website says the March 7th tasting is now sold out. Be sure to report back so those of us who'll miss out can live vicariously hehe. The next tasting is Friday March 29th.

              1. re: maplesugar

                So, I compared it to Bernard,(blind folded) and I like Bernard's better.

                The finish is just smoother. I compared there 60% dark choco bar to Kerstin's 65% with choco nibs. Yes the nibs made it crunchie, which I liked, but, the overall, euphoric experience of eating the chocolate went to Bernard.

                Oh and afterwards I chucked in a piece of purdy's 70%, yeah, just not great when you eat it all side these two :) (I already knew Bernard's was better than Purdy's but, it was fun to taste test it again)

                ETA - Shoot, I wanted this to be under my other one but screwed up where I posted it. I wish there was a delete, not just an edit

                1. re: livetocook

                  livetocook, I'm guessing it might be better to compare Kerstin's Venezuela Milk 49% which tastes like a dark chocolate but is very smooth with the milk. It would probably be a closer comparison than the cocoa nibs or the 65% one.

            2. I stopped in today and picked up some bars. I got to try the Hot chocolate (free taster) and its heat was at end of tasting it. It was pretty spicy. I bought that, the one with the cocoa nibs in it and the orange one.

              I'm not too sure if I like her stuff better than Bernard's but, I can totally do a direct comparison tomorrow as I have both here and that's my cheat day :). I'll let you know what I think.