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Feb 7, 2008 08:12 AM

Driving Norfolk to Dulles tomorrow: Where to lunch?

Any suggestions for somewhere unique to eat for lunch on the road from Norfolk to Dulles (anywhere in between) tomorrow? I won't likely have much time to stray far off the main road (except maybe Williamsburg), so easy access preferred - and also prefer a non-chain that offers something regional, ethnic, hole-in-the-wall, or the like. Thanks!

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  1. The two places that come to mind are Buz & Ned's BBQ and Comfort, both in Richmond and easy access from I-64. To go to Buz and Ned's take 64 east to Exit 78. Fork left onto Hermitage Rd and then turn right on Robin Hood Road and the left onto Boulevard and it's just over a half mile or so down Boulevard. For Comfort, take 64 E to Exit 190 (5th Street/Downtown) take North 5th to Broad St and turn right and it will be on the right side at Broad and Jefferson. Buz & Ned's has good ribs, mac and cheese, and pulled pork BBQ. Comfort has great fried catfish, meatloaf, fried okra, collard greens, mac and cheese and other terrific southern fare.

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      Thanks. Will consider these if time allows, but might prefer to stay east of downtown Richmond and take 295 around it. So... I'd welcome other ideas, too!

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        Pearces (sp?) BBQ just north of Williamsburg

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          it's pierce's pitt on rochambeau in williamsburg - the closest exit i think is the 199. i was there this weekend. it's close to where we were staying so i thought we'd check it out. i know there are mixed reviews here. apparently used to be great. i thought the pulled pork and some sides - green beans and collards and hush puppies were really good (now i am a yankee :) ) but i thought the ribs and chicken - done in their honey sauce were WAY too sweet. just my 2 cents. isn't a bad stop along the way though.