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Nov 2, 2001 10:02 PM

Lucky Duck - has anyone been there?

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I saw a brief description in the LA Times and have passed by it several times (on La Brea). Apparently opened by the owner of the PF Chang chain....any Chowhounders been there? Would like to get an idea of whether it's worth going to. Cheers!

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  1. Yes - it was quite good. Great space and more importantly, good food. Sort of a pan-Asian thing going on, w/ a focus on Chinese. Also has things like black cod w/ miso, cold tofu w/ a cilantro sauce...a recommend.

    1. Pretty sure it's owned by the former owner/"founder" of Mandarette. Does he also own PF Chang?

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        PF Chang was started by Paul Fleming, who owned several Ruth's Chris franchises. The former owner of Manderette (son of the founder of the Mandarin in Beverly Hills) is, I believe, his partner in the PF Chang venture.

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          I actually got the PF Changs info from the LA Times article that Mike so thoughtfully posted in a previous response.

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        Mike Kilgore

        Thought you might find this review, of that Lucky Duck, out of the LA Times of interest.