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Best Wood-Fired, Thin Crust, Fresh Ingredients Pizza in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, N. Ft. Myers?

Please Hounds, help me out here!

While I'm at it, Best Shrimp Po-Boys?

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  1. Sasse's has wood fired pizza but I haven't been able to try it yet. Campiello, in downtown Naples, uses a wood burning oven and has excellent pizza that fits your criteria.

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      i've been to sasse's ages ago. i should have remembered their wood-fired oven -- because my brother-in-law built it!

      sasse's is only open for dinner, right?

    2. how is this place: arizona pizza company? anyone tried it?

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        Arizona Pizza Co. It might be wood fired but the pizza is flavorless, IMO. It is very popular, but I think that is the senior menu and happy hour.

        Best pizza in Fort Myers is a little storefront on Cypress Lake at US41. Pizza 2000.
        Very fresh ingredients, good dough. Not crackercrust however but it is not a thick one either. Lots of interesting choices and about 15 white pizzas.

      2. It seems like I'm mistaken about Sasse's offering pizza. They have the oven but no pizza. Sorry!

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          I have been the big Sasse's supporter on this board, and unless they've changed recently, they don't offer pizza. I asked about it when I was there, and they said they didn't want to be a pizza joint, that properly cooking pizza in their woodburning oven took a lot of oven-space and attention, and they wanted to concentrate on their other long-cooked and delicately smoke-kissed items, such as their shanks, breads, and superlative eggplant parmagiana. I don't know whether pizza was part of the former ownership, but they now accept and honor reservations and are wonderfully friendly and accommodating. They charge a fee for splitting entrees, but it is an entirely reasonable policy necessary for survival -- you will understand when you take home a delicious box for a lunch the next day you will look forward to. They don't charge for and encourage sharing and splitting of salads and desserts.

        2. The best and most authentic wood fired pizza is at Ciao Wood Fired Pizza & Trattoria located at 823 SE 47th Terrace in Cape Coral. They use imported San Marzano tomato and "00" caputo flour as well as a 900 degree wood only fired oven making it an authentic Neapolitan pizza. You MUST try this fresh pizza!!!! They have a full Italian kitchen with fresh prepared specialties. The owners vist the tables personally and the place is wonderful.

          1. best pizza in Ft. Myers is Grimaldi's. I know, it's not wood fired. :-)

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              It is by far the best pizza in SW Florida, any style or cooking method. They started out of the gate with a well trained staff and most are still there, a novelty in our area and a sign of good management. Superb crust made with water that has been hardened to emulate New York water, fresh mozzarella not some nasty stringy industrial cheese, excellent pepperoni, fresh basil, very little red sauce. Also have white and pesto pizzas.

              Here's a link to my review last fall. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/752059

              Grimaldis Pizzeria
              13499 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907

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                sounds like a must visit next time i'm in fort myers. do you know if they ever do stromboli?

            2. my FB friend went to Ciao on the Cape (she's not on chowhound) and told me this: YESTERDAY I went to CIAO on 47th Terrace in CC... oh my gawd... I think they have a facebook page... will check it out... I had their specialty pizza and son <..> had chicken Marsalla... they both were incredible... beyond words... crust was crisp... the mild aroma of wood was wafting about and at noon they were full!!!

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                I totally agree. Went there with the gf a month or two ago. I've been trying to get back there, but my schedule never seems to allow it. But wow, you're right. They have a beautiful oven setup, and the pizza was quite delicious.

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                  that is really encouraging to know. whenever i visit fort myers, i get such a craving for good pizza. i will even travel up to monty's in punta gorda for a fix (and their stromboli, too).

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                    Ditto. Finally got to try it and the pizza is great. Homemade cheesecake (made fresh every morning) was superb. Very cozy place and the owners each visited every table. very nice.