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Feb 7, 2008 07:40 AM

visiting minneapolis from nyc

hi all,

i am back in msp and was hoping to find a great restaurant for this evening. the place should be intimate--good for a date and birthday. although i am somewhat flexible with money, i would prefer more reasonable options. i don't know if there any new spots that have opened in minneapolis since i last visited in may. i have been told that 112 is good. what is your advice? i am willing to travel to st. paul.



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  1. These recent Valentine's Day threads might be helpful to you. Personally, I like Heartland in St. Paul, but I have a very St. Paul bias--there are a ton of lovely places not in St. Paul. I love love love 112 Eatery, but I don't think of it as especially intimate/romantic.


    1. As TDQ mentioned, 112 is not "intimate". You can get a good idea at:

      My wife's birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and I'm taking her to Grand Cafe for a quiet, romantic dinner. Take a look at the dinner menu for price point.

      Not "new" but it's likely this was off your radar in May. It's a wonderful spot in a south Minneapolis neighborhood.

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        I wanted to love Grand Cafe. There's a lot to like about it. The space is definitely the best intimate space in Minneapolis restaurants. The bakerboy oven is funky. The chef is talented and, apparently, a pretty good guy.

        The service was off the night we went. They were totally in the weeds and could not hide their distress. They were rushing people and wondering around with scowls and lots of whispering to each other. It was not a good scene.

        The wine list was ok, but nothing on it struck me as particularly good or good with the food.

        I'll go to Alma or Vincent instead.

      2. Oh, how about Signature Cafe in Minneapolis? Cute little neighborhood spot.


        1. Meritage is new since you were last here. Here's a thread about it, which coincidentally seems to mention a few birthday dates:

          1. Al Vento in South Minneapolis is dark and intimate--at least in the front room. The back room can be a little noisy if there's large groups.