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Feb 7, 2008 07:39 AM

Recommended Restaurants in Spring Lake, NJ

Going to stay in Spring Lake, NJ for a pre-V-Day weekend.
We are staying at the Chateau Inn, and would love some reviews, recommendations, or definitely not's for that area. Would love to walk to a few if possible, but also open to driving.

Good clubs/bars in the area would also be great!


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  1. Someone on another thread has spoken highly of a new restaurant called Vivere, in the Grand Victorian Hotel. Currently open weekends only. Unfortunately, no menu info on their website.

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      There are actually no bars or clubs in Spring Lake. In fact, I do not think there are any liquor licenses presently issued.

      Your best bet for nightlife would be to head one town north to Belmar. This time of year, Bar Anticipation is the biggest (and loudest) spot. Other bar options in Belmar are Boathouse, Connoly Station, and 507 Main. Each of the places mentioned has a website with entertainment listings. I'm sure your hotel can help you with local cab companies.

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        I had reservations at Vivere and when I showed one was in the building but the door was open. Yelled into the kitchen and then phoned the main number. No answer. Got a call back later saying they had problems with the plumbing, but no one ever called me to cancel my reservation. Needless to say...I am not impressed.

      2. In Spring Lake, try Whispers, Black Trumpet and for good pizza, Spring Lake Pizza. Best food within not far driving distance is Shipwreck Grill in Brielle. There is an Irish Pub on Rt. 71, Wall, which is fun, St. Stephen's Green.

        1. I just love Black Trumpet! is so good!

          I used to go to The Parker House to meet up with friends...I have not been in quite some time, but I always liked the place. That was the summer, I don't know how it is in the is a link:

          Have a great time!!

          BTW..SusiwQ is sooooo right about Shipwreck Grill..the food is great! Great bar scene, too!

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            Well, the range of recs, from Whispers to Bar A. pretty much cover oposite ends of the specturn. Can you be more specific about what you are looking for? Bar A is a great/fun place if you are a 20 something with tolerant hearing. As are many other Belmar B&G's (boathouse, 507 main). But if you are looking for something a bit more upscale (ok, a LOT more upscale), there are many nice places in both Spring Lake and neighboring hoods. Whispers is great. Vivas in Belmar is very good (avoid Matisse at all cost!). Moonstruck in Asury is quite nice. Brandls in Belmar is good, albeit WAY overpriced food.

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              Missed this on my first reponse. Yes, Shipwreck Grill is wonderful. Make a reservation well in advance and stick with the fish.

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                Parker House is seasonal. It won't be open until May.

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                  This place won't be open either, but it will in May..I used to LOVE this place!!



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                  Parker House is a blast, but it is closed in the winter.

                3. THank you all for your help!

                  1. I agree about Vivere Ristorante, Spring Lake, NJ. We just returned from a four day stay at The Breakers and we ate our last two dinners at Vivere. The reason there is no menu on the Grand Victorian web site for Vivere is because the chef prefers to work with only the fresh ingredients she can get that day. I had the most wonderful clams with pasta in a wonderful sauce. The clams were tender and sweet, not gritty or over-cooked. My husband loved his appetizer of Tres Amici (three friends). It was sausage, clams and scallops in a wonderful sauce. We feel it is the best restaurant in Spring Lake. Yes, it's a bit expensive, but no more than The Black Trumpet. Everything at Vivere is deliciously fresh and prepared to perfection. The wait staff is also excellent. To top it off, bone china and exquisite crystal. BYOB. This place is going to take off, so I would definitely make reservations. It's located next door to The Breakers on the bottom floor of The Grand Victorian.