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Feb 7, 2008 07:20 AM

All-Clad French Braiser Or 4 qt. Braiser?

I'm trying to decide between these two pans. The French Braiser (top photo) is a 12" diameter saute with a domed lid, and a round roasting rack, and is 6 qts. The 4 qt. braiser is 13" in diameter with a domed lid. Which of these two do you think would be more useful? My largest skillet with lid is 12", and I don't really have a saute pan, although the 12" covered frypan would also work for a saute pan I think. The rack on the French braiser is great for covered roasting, and then uncovered to brown. That should make for a juicier result. The 4 qt. braiser also works as a large frypan, while the saute does not.

Please help me decide! Which would you choose? Click photo to enlarge. Thanks!

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  1. I have been checking out the 6 qt french braiser too. If you already have a covered 12" frypan, and I'm assuming it's all-clad or something else high quality and non stick? If all that is true, then I think the rack and higher sides of the braiser would add functionality to your kitchen. Unless you already have something similarly shaped you haven't mentioned?

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      Thanks! I do have the All-Clad 12" stainless frypan, as well as a Calphalon ONE nonstick 12" with glass lid. I bought that partly because the glass cover also fits the AC perfectly. I just cook mostly for one with leftovers so I really don't need the larger 13" frypan that often. I also have the Staub 8 qt. oven which is about the same diameter of the French braiser but it's higher. I just fell in love with that French braiser. It's great for steaming too with the rack. It's just so hard to edit a cookware collection, especially for a cookware junkie like myself...LOL!

      The FB would be great for brisket, short ribs, and for roasts, chickens and veggies, but I guess you can also make them in the Staub, it would just be a little high. I also have the AC petit roti, but the FB might replace it if I could get a 10-11 lb turkey in the FB without the lid. I got the Le Creuset large risotto on sale at WS which is almost like the bottom of the FB but a bit higher, but I don't really need that with the Staub. I just couldn't resist the price, and didn't realize at the time it's only an inch shorter than the 8 qt. Staub. On Ebay it goes.

      1. re: blondelle

        Your additional info confirms it for me. It sounds as tho the FB fills a spot in between the frypans and the staub; and between the staub and the roti (the shape and lid).

        On another thread I read your tip about the LC risotto too late. You wouldn't have happened to have purchased it in Dune by any chance? I too am a cookware junkie. If you are putting items on ebay, you are more disciplined than I am. I have a few AC pans that I haven't used in quite a while, but I can't bring myself to get rid of them, :).

        1. re: souvenir

          No, my risotto is in red. I assure you it's NOT easy to get rid of...LOL! I just can't justify it with the Staub so similar in size. I'm getting rid of other new red LC too. Everytime I want to keep it I just look at the used LC in Bloomies from their cooking demos and see how badly the inside finish holds up.