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Feb 7, 2008 07:18 AM

Lower Mills: New Resto..?

I have heard that was a very good chance a new upscale resto was being finalized for the spot next to the Milton Trolley Station on the ground floor of the new apartments, by the water, including alfresco dining.It's the spot by The Wharf (IIRC?) - anyone have any info on this??

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  1. Yes, the owners of Blue on Highland in Needham are opening a 100 seat white tablecloth restaurant in the Milton Landing ground level behind the station. I think they were just granted a full liquor license, but not 100% sure on that part.

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      That is great news. I really like the Lower Mills and Milton Village area. It's such an interesting place, with all the old mills and the Neponset River flowing through (and a bike trail alongside the river). I find myself in Lower Mills more and more because of Mrs. Jones, but I have always hoped that a full-service, sitdown restaurant would make its way into the neighborhood. It looks like that is now going to happen.

    2. Just a quick follow up: I just got back from a walk along the Neponset Greenway and through Lower Mills with a few friends, and we took a short detour to check out the building where the restaurant will be (Milton Landing, on Wharf Street). It looks like some work is being done in the ground floor, but it was tough to tell whether this area is going to be where the restaurant goes. I can tell you that the location is quite nice, with scenic views of the water from the building, and the area itself is very quiet and placid.

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          They've relaxed a bit. I guessd you coould call it a semi-dry town. Limited licenses. It has changed a lot over the past few years, even the Fruit Center in East MIlton now sells wine.