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Feb 7, 2008 07:15 AM

Silicon verses metal for baking? [Moved from General Topics board]

Silicon Muffin Cups versus Muffin Tins...

Silicon is not just in the valley. In the last few years cookware stores have been pushing silicon muffin cups and tins. Which is better and why?

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  1. Hi,

    In one word, too wobbly. I had both silicon muffin "tins" and a loaf "pan" - I hated both. I will stick with metal, thank you very much.

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    1. re: maisonbistro

      That's what I'm hearing--I wonder if the brand makes a difference. I just got some silicon cups from Crate and Barrel and I find them easier to clean up but the muffins don't seem to brown as well.

    2. Count me in as another fan of metal versus silicon. For the reasons already listed - too wobbly and doesn't brown well.

      But I have read that they can be terrific as molds for ice cream desserts because they are so easy to unmold. I'm going to buy some next time i see a nice looking mold shape at Marshall's etc, and give it a try with some homemade ice cream.

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      1. re: flourgirl

        Since I already have some silicon cups--and I like the shape--I would love some non baking type recipes to try. Ice cream sounds good--has anyone tried it? Also how about any appetizer ideas--or kid-friendly projects?

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          Please post any recipe ideas on the Home Cooking board.


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            Not exactly a non-baking idea... but it's great and kid-friendly. I have a 6-pack fluted silicon muffin thingy. I make pumpkin pie filling, butter the silicon, pour in the filling, and bake.
            The sugar in the filling (I use brown) caramelizes around the edges a bit (if you leave it in long enough). Take out of the oven and let it cool some, then ease out of the forms with light fingers. I've never had a problem with sticking.
            It looks fantastic, tastes great, and you don't have to bother with pastry.
            I've fancied it up with various types of sauces, too, poured over after it's baked and on a plate (although that's not the kid-friendly bit :)
            Probably also be good for those molded, chilled bread and summer fruit puddings. No baking so even better for kids.