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Feb 7, 2008 07:15 AM

Monday night dining in Baltimore?

I have friends coming in from out of town and my top three usual go to places (Peter's, Jack's, Iggies) are all closed on Mondays. I suggested Helmand, but they are going there later in the week with collegues. Does any one happen to have a "master list" of which resturants are open Monday nights? Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Not a master list per se but I can tell you these places are open on Monday and i'm not sure what style of food you're looking for but this may be a start, if you check the board you'll also see there's a thread(s) on Mid-week Dining Specials.

    Tsunami and Lemongrass - industry night for the latter, 15% off
    Wine Market has a neighbourhood night - some discounts on entrees and i think wine - check this board.
    Annabell Lee Tavern
    My Thai in Mount Vernon
    Sascha's 527
    Chui's Sushi
    Ze Mean Bean
    Bicycle - i think they're now open Mondays

    1. Tiburzi's in Canton is open and was pretty empty when we were there on Monday a couple of weeks ago. See my review under the RW thread

      Tiburzi's Italian Grill & Cafe
      900 S Kenwood Ave, Baltimore, MD

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        Sorry to be off topic, but is this the same Tiburzi's that closed a couple of years ago? Is it the same family that opened it back up?

      2. Both Samos and Ikaros on the east side are open on Mondays....not sure about Zorba's

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          Zorba's is also open. Probably best to go there during week since I enjoy sitting downstairs.

        2. Salt is also closed now on Mondays.

          1. Woodberry Kitchen's website says they are open Mondays. Search this board for (the mostly positive) reviews. I've been once, and without posting a formal review, it was very, very good (I sampled a bunch of small plates). Service was great. You should make a reservation, even for Monday.

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              I second the recommendation for Woodberry Kitchen, but make a reservation early, they fill up fast.

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                I third the Woodberry Kitchen, judging by your top 3 this is also a place with good flavors and some unique approaches to food and it's a nice space