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Feb 7, 2008 07:13 AM

Greek Restaurants in Calgary

I am an ex-Calgarian in town on Sunday. I did a search on these boards for a good Greek restaurant but my research was sparse. I have been to Mykonos, Santorini, the one at Heritage but I am looking for the best Greek restaurant in Calgary. It may well be one of the ones I have been to, but what do you suggest that will be open Sunday?
Dean in Red Deer

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  1. I highly recommend Pegasus in downtown Calgary. It was amazing. I had the roast lamb and I loved it. It's won Best Greek Restaurant before, but I'm not sure if it still holds that honour.

    1. Ok I know this will sound wierd but there is a place called Crete Soulaki. It's a gas station/family business eatery.

      17 ave and 25A street SW

      It's across from a soccer field and the last time we were there we ate there about a year ago. It was really good then. Not sure about now. It would qualify as a hole in the wall but it's pretty homestyle as it gets.

      1. I think quality at Pegasus has gone down a bit since the 'Best Greek' award. We were there for my daughter's birthday last year and were very disappointed. Very fatty lamb for myself and others also had complaints about their choices. I don't have any recall of exactly what they were unhappy with...

        On the other hand I would highly recommend the Crete Souvlaki at OK Gas on 17th. If you're after food quality and taste and not ambiance - it's a great place. The food is excellent. We always do take-out from there. Best tzatziki that I've every had.

        1. For me, Santorini is the best of a mediocre bunch. Ouzo, on 4th Street SW, has pretty decent value as well. I enjoy the food there, even if the atmosphere is pretty sterile.

          As for Crete Souvlaki, i've never understood what the fuss is about. Most people rave about it, but i've found the food to be pretty average. Maybe the gas station thing is novel? :)

          I should give it another go, it's been a couple years now. Hmm... i think my lunch plans just got made.

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            Anyone ever try the Greek place on 17th Sw called Manies?

            1. re: CJL

              I really like it...great Ceaser salad (if you like anchovie)...amazing moussaka...and they deliver to 5am...Manies is one of the biggest things I miss from living downtown...they wont deliver to Copperfield at 3am...I've tried :(
              PS-the tzatiki is great too

            2. re: yen

              Ok, i take it back - i was wrong. I see what the fuss is about - that tzatziki is awesome! I just ordered a full lamb platter with a side order of tzatziki for lunch. Let's start with the great - the pita was good - warm and fluffy and seasoned well. The tzatziki was awesome - really great blend of flavours, with garlic, and lemon standing out. The dill could've been a bit fresher (and more flavourful), but the consistency and texture is better than anything else i've had in Calgary.

              The lamb itself was good - a bit gristly, but good flavour and tender. Not overcooked like most souvlaki's i've had. Wasnt a huge fan of the potatos nor the rice, but at least the covered the potatos in tzatziki. Dont get me wrong, they were edible, just wasnt anything about them that was memorable - both were too mushy. The greek salad was solid- not great, not bad, but definitely solid.

              All rang up at just over 10 bucks. Excellent deal.

              1. re: yen

                yen, there is an hour and 28 minutes from your earlier post so you must have just been there for lunch.
                Is it a sit down restaurant or just take out???
                Dean in Red Deer

                1. re: carlitguy

                  Yeah, i went for lunch - it'd been a couple years (my old company used to be in the area) since i'd been, so i thought i'd give it another go.

                  There was a 4 or 5 person counter, and two tables of two. It's primarily takeout.

                  1. re: yen

                    Wow when you say you're going there for lunch you really go! Glad to hear it's still good. I'll have to make my own pit stop now after your review:)

            3. I would recommend Pegasus. I've been to lots, including the ones you've been to plus Ouzo on 4th and Broken Plate in Kensington, and some other places that aren't around anymore. I still think Pegasus is the best, plus they've been around for 25 years or so (I've been going there since the early 1980's) so they're obviously doing something right.