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Has anyone been to Hollingers since the RM?

Just curious. Was pretty much a bar with regulars before. Interested to see if the food is different or better yet......... good.

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  1. I'm curous too. I haven't seen the RM episode yet but know Hollingers well from back in the day when I was 'attending' EYCI. I also had a friend who worked there a few years ago and kept her company during her shifts from time to time.

    Having not seen it, I hope that the RM crew realized the type of neighbourhood Coxwell is part of as well as the historical importance of Hollingers name (It was a bus line that ran in the area before the TTC) and didn't turn it into some Wallpaper-esque tapas joint. There's no way that the regulars or the students in the area will support a place that isn't warm, comfortable and affordable to them. A sterile, aseptic environment will just fail in that area.

    1. My in-laws actually live across the street from the owners and i was invited to the unveiling a few months back but was unable to attend. Sorry i can't be more help...

      1. just wanted to give an update, was there tonight for a casual dinner.
        The room: I had never been before the RM, so I cant compare but it actually was very nice. Its HUGE in there, a cute fireplace, nice booths, a big room in the back for a band it looks like.. It would be a fun place to have a party.
        Service: Well I honestly couldnt ask for more. The owner was so gracious, constantly asking if everything was okay or if she could get us anything and telling us about the specials, the makeover, and the sunday night jazz starting in march that they will be having after 5pm. The thought of it was really nice because its a really cozy pub and I do love jazz.. the only problem was that I had seen what it was like on a sunday (we were actually the ONLY table in the whole huge restaurant the whole time) and I just cringe at the thought of a poor jazz band playing for no one but the server and owner. But onto the food..
        Basic pub food, but pretty good for what it is. We had some pita and hummus to start and an order of garlic bread (mm we were really feeling like some carbs). The pita was nicely spiced and baked until just crispy around the edged, the hummus was probably store bought but it was good enough. The garlic bread was amazing though for pub garlic bread, it was really garlicy and buttery and perfectly toasted. For mains I had the prime rib special with garlic mash and root veg (turnip, sweet potatos, rutabaga etc). It actually was a really good piece of prime rib (for 14$). Others had wings and a salad- salad was aparently a bit on the vinegary side but it was a very nice presentation, and the wings were pretty good but not the absolute best ever. Another had the all day breakfast steak and eggs with 3 eggs, toast, homefries , and steak with onions and mushrooms, which seemed to get finished quickly and the steak looked like a fair cut for a pub. Honestly, not my FAVOURITE pub experience.. but it was actually fairly good food for the low prices and the owner was so sincere and tried so hard I really hope it works out for her. Since I live in the neighborhood Ill definetly be back, especially to hear the live jazz on sundays. Plus apparently on mon and tues theres half price wings, which is also a plus. Im definetly interested if anyone else gives it a go.

        1. I had a relative that actually drove for Hollinger Bus Lines out of that terminal.
          I pass by there along the easterly lane leading from the subway when I head over to my credit union directly across the street. It always has a reasonably sized crowd dining in there around 11;30AM according to my observations.

          1. My wife and I dropped in to Hollingers for a couple of drinks after seeing the RM information they had posted on their outdoor signage. The place looks great, very cozy and Athena, one of the owners, was very friendly and accommodating. She chatted with us about the RM experience and invited us to an episode viewing party on Monday March 25th. We went to the party and the place was packed with well wishers. Athena and Peter, her husband, brought around sampler platters which was a very nice touch. They gave a sample of some of the dishes profiled on the show, philly steak sandwich, chicken wings, chicken pot pie and shephard's pie. The food was great and we'll definitely be back for dinner to try their prime rib and on a weekend to try their brunch menu. This could easily become a great little local gem for residents of the area and certainly warrants a drive, even if you don't live close by. The other nice thing they're doing is having a live jazz band on Sunday afternoons so all of you jazz fans should definitely support it...would be great to have regular jazz venue in the area.

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              yah I was just thinking about this place today after watching the episode last night. I will have to go back again for some jazz and to try the philly cheesesteak sandwich. thanks for the update.

            2. Thanks for the post, this is in the neighbourhood so I will have to drop by some time to check it out. An evening of jazz is always welcome.

              1. Hi all...long time listener, first time caller.

                My wife and I went this past Sunday (Mar 31) at about 6:00 The jazz quartet were there, and were pretty good. The room is visually very nice and casual.
                We both had the prime rib special. It was well-prepared, and a very generous portion (my wife only made it through half of hers, and had a very nice sandwich for lunch Monday.) I would have liked mine a little rarer, but the server said they had already gone through the rare.
                I think in general the servers were a little overwhelmed by the traffic, and were a little unorganized (glasses of water requested never showed up, etc)
                Apple crumble for desert...yum!
                All told...good prime rib for two, a glass of wine and a pint of Murphy's and a dessert for about $60 including tax and tip, so decent value.
                Will I go back? Heck, Yeah, but I might wait a few weeks to let the staff get into a better rhythm. Best part for me is it is within walking distance from my house on a nice day...the wings on the table next to us looked great, and I have to try the Philly!

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                  so then it was busy when you were there? because when I was there on a sunday we were the only ones there.

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                    The front section was about half full when we got there. Several larger parties showed up after we were seated; by the time we were ready to leave the front section was pretty full, and there were people in the back where the pool table is.

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                      strange, was a ghost town (except for a few bar flies) when i checked it out recently. i only had a quick drink, we didn't have time to try something to eat. when you say "philly" i'm assuming you mean the sandwich. how did it look? i dunno if i'd go for prime rib, but a good sandwich and a beer is my weakness.

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                        its good to know theyre getting business

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                      We dropped in last Friday night for dinner. It was a bit of a trip down Memory Lane for hubby, who when attending school at EYCI 30 years ago once worked as a dishwasher after school at this location.

                      There were plenty of empty tables when we arrived (early at 6:30 pm) but the front room was pretty full by the time we left. The jazz group was pretty good, and when they finished their set they walked around the tables to chat with diners and get some feedback on their music.

                      I had the prime rib special, which for $15 was an amazing value. The huge meat portion looked like about 12-16 oz. Very tender with a nice gravy. The lemon roast potatoes were good, but the veg sides were kinda blah (all root vegetables: sweet potatoes, parsnips). I would have preferred some greens on the side. My hubby had the wings for starters. He said they were sort of on the mild side. He and my son had the Philly cheese steak for mains. They were good, and looked like generous portions. All in all, friendly service, nice jazz, and dependable food, in a comfortable neighbourhood spot.

                    3. I was there a couple of weeks ago with some friends. The decor is very nice although it would have been nice is they redid the bathrooms...the women's washroom was run down. My friends all had the hamburgers and they liked them although I had the chicken fingers and they weren't very good. Obviously made from frozen and kind of chewy. We were the only table in the place for the two hours we were there on a Saturday at lunch. Also a month ago I popped in on a Friday night for a drink and didn't have much of an atmosphere, I think it has potential to be a cool spot on a Friday or Saturday night but it isn't there yet.