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Feb 7, 2008 07:09 AM

Has anyone been to Hollingers since the RM?

Just curious. Was pretty much a bar with regulars before. Interested to see if the food is different or better yet......... good.

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  1. I'm curous too. I haven't seen the RM episode yet but know Hollingers well from back in the day when I was 'attending' EYCI. I also had a friend who worked there a few years ago and kept her company during her shifts from time to time.

    Having not seen it, I hope that the RM crew realized the type of neighbourhood Coxwell is part of as well as the historical importance of Hollingers name (It was a bus line that ran in the area before the TTC) and didn't turn it into some Wallpaper-esque tapas joint. There's no way that the regulars or the students in the area will support a place that isn't warm, comfortable and affordable to them. A sterile, aseptic environment will just fail in that area.

    1. My in-laws actually live across the street from the owners and i was invited to the unveiling a few months back but was unable to attend. Sorry i can't be more help...

      1. just wanted to give an update, was there tonight for a casual dinner.
        The room: I had never been before the RM, so I cant compare but it actually was very nice. Its HUGE in there, a cute fireplace, nice booths, a big room in the back for a band it looks like.. It would be a fun place to have a party.
        Service: Well I honestly couldnt ask for more. The owner was so gracious, constantly asking if everything was okay or if she could get us anything and telling us about the specials, the makeover, and the sunday night jazz starting in march that they will be having after 5pm. The thought of it was really nice because its a really cozy pub and I do love jazz.. the only problem was that I had seen what it was like on a sunday (we were actually the ONLY table in the whole huge restaurant the whole time) and I just cringe at the thought of a poor jazz band playing for no one but the server and owner. But onto the food..
        Basic pub food, but pretty good for what it is. We had some pita and hummus to start and an order of garlic bread (mm we were really feeling like some carbs). The pita was nicely spiced and baked until just crispy around the edged, the hummus was probably store bought but it was good enough. The garlic bread was amazing though for pub garlic bread, it was really garlicy and buttery and perfectly toasted. For mains I had the prime rib special with garlic mash and root veg (turnip, sweet potatos, rutabaga etc). It actually was a really good piece of prime rib (for 14$). Others had wings and a salad- salad was aparently a bit on the vinegary side but it was a very nice presentation, and the wings were pretty good but not the absolute best ever. Another had the all day breakfast steak and eggs with 3 eggs, toast, homefries , and steak with onions and mushrooms, which seemed to get finished quickly and the steak looked like a fair cut for a pub. Honestly, not my FAVOURITE pub experience.. but it was actually fairly good food for the low prices and the owner was so sincere and tried so hard I really hope it works out for her. Since I live in the neighborhood Ill definetly be back, especially to hear the live jazz on sundays. Plus apparently on mon and tues theres half price wings, which is also a plus. Im definetly interested if anyone else gives it a go.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I had a relative that actually drove for Hollinger Bus Lines out of that terminal.
            I pass by there along the easterly lane leading from the subway when I head over to my credit union directly across the street. It always has a reasonably sized crowd dining in there around 11;30AM according to my observations.