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Let me start by saying I love wings. Although the bbq qings are good I like hot wings. Am I the only person who feels that every place you go gives you the same sauce on them though? It's either Franks Red Hot or some other knock off. I don't believe I'm saying this but, I really think that Outback has the best wings you can find.
The spices they use are good, they aren't huge but, they're still a good deal I think. Bleu Cheese is good and I think their bleu cheese is the best you can find at any chain. Another thing I like is that every one is a drumstick. You don't have to sit there and try and get the meat from inside other bones.
I live in Orange County NY and if anyone knows of a place around there or in NJ somewhere I would love to hear it. Rip on me all you want that's just how I feel.

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  1. If there's a Pizzeria Uno's near you, they are my favorite. My favorite bartender has them put the sauce on them when ready, then cooks them a little more so they are crispy & good. I don't like wings that are drenched in sauce.