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Feb 7, 2008 06:46 AM

Please help with my (long) random list of places to try

Here is a long list of places on my TO DO list. Is there memorable food at any of them?

Forget intralist comparisons, cost, ambiance, location, service, etc. Just good food.

Birdies-1st Ave
Mole-Allen Street
Carbone-W. 38th Street
Nomad-2nd Avenue
El Bocadito-Orchard Street
Estancia 460-Greenwich Street
Grayz-W. 54th Street
Resto-E. 29th Street
Insieme-7th Avenue
Anthos-W. 52nd Street
Perea-E. 20th Street
Chanto-7th Ave S.
Dona-E 52nd Street
Country-Madison Ave
Crema-W 17th Street
BLT Market-CPS

(BTW, some places might have closed, etc. It's a rough list)

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  1. well, i havent been to many on yr list but intent closed down nearly a year ago, so thats a start.

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    1. Resto has a good burger but the scene is very frat party. And Mole is quite good- the owner is lovely and the guac is worth the $$.

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      1. re: outerborolover

        Don't love the resto burger. Served on a generic supermarket bun that is often stale. Also, they won't cook it any way but medium well. I do like the hangover pasta for brunch though.

      2. I don't love the Resto burger either (I'd much rather go to Burger Joint), but the boyfriend loves it. I found the bun insidious and the meat just eh. The medium well they insist on cooking it to just makes it too try for my taste. Brunch at Resto is another matter though, and ESNY was right to point this out. We go there for brunch now primarily to mix and match breakfast dishes with holdovers from the dinner menu. Oh, and to drink delicious beer (they have a great beer list).

        I found the meal we had at Insieme late last fall pleasant enough. There was nothing at all wrong with it, but have you ever been somewhere, liked the meal, and yet still felt you didn't need to go back anytime soon? It was kind of like that, and lacked a sort of pop or spark to make it special enough to justify the prices.

        I will not be returning to BLT Market anytime soon. As I've written elsewhere on this site, I had a very disappointing (and very expensive) lunch there at the end of December. The food was completely unmemorable, especially the lamb sandwich. It could be that I ordered poorly, since the meals of my lunch companions looked better than mine, but I'm not really sure. Maybe dinner is a better bet at BLT Market.

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        1. re: slcorlis

          I would also say to go to Resto for brunch over dinner. It's much better.

        2. I would drop Country from your list. It's expensive and ordinary. So many better choices in the price range.

          1. I've been to Chanto (when it first opened) and it was great! Our friends that were with us said that they enjoyed it better than Nobu. The service was excellent and the chef even came out to meet us. I recommend.

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            1. re: brooke262

              What did you have there? Menu looks great.