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Feb 7, 2008 06:45 AM

New Southwestern in New Haven

Across from Bar, between Sol de Cuba and the little burger place. Large, outside patio is reminiscent of being in Cali with a burning "wood" fire pit and heat lamps. Inside is comfy cozy decor with a very extensive bar area perfect for casual dining. One of the proprietors owns Cafe Adulis around the corner.

Food was o.k. - not their fault whatsoever, it's just that I've been spoiled at some of the best Southwestern places in the Southwest itself. Homemade corn bread with honey butter was excellent and the variety of appetizers and interesting ingredients throughout made for a nice menu. Sitting in a booth near the indoor fireplace was a plus as was the extensive wine list, tequila menu and the "fun" drink menu.

A very welcome addition to New Haven's dining scene.

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  1. No problem in finding it but, what's "The Name"?
    I hope I'll be sufficiently or respectably impressed since I am a Texan and I am from Dallas and because I ate many times at Stephan Pyles "Star Canyon" when he was there. That's a tall benchmark. I'm also no slouch as a cook. It has been hard for me to adjust to some of the watered-down food here, like BBQ and Mexican. Thankfully, there's all the other really good stuff that New England offers (and you get the occasional surprise find)!

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      No idea what the name is! ...which is totally funny. In the car home immediately after the dinner both my beau and I were like, what was the name of that place? And, we had no idea!

      Oh, you're not going to be impressed if you are from Texas or even if you've eaten in the Southwest itself, but it's a respectable little offering here in our area with very nice ambience and a fire pit outside, which scores points from me. Boy, do I miss the fire pits and eating and drinking outside around them in the West!

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        Here is the Geronimo's thread:
        I just want to know when and if they start serving lunch.