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Starbuck's JH's

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When construction began in December, one of the construction workers said they planned to open in February. I was very skeptical. How could they possibly open in 3 months? We'll, the opening date is February 22. The furniture has arrived, pictures are on the wall, and it all looks fantastic and very inviting.

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  1. Thanks for the update. This is good news for property value and the ability to hang out for extended period of times...bad news for Espresso 77. I hope the 'hood can support both. I think it would help for Espresso to offer a cheese plate (something they had talked about doing but I don't think they have yet).

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      I like the food choices at Starbucks. I think it looks lovely so far.

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        i don't think there'll be any problem on Espresso 77's end. they serve a good quality product with the sort of care, friendliness and ambience you can only find at a small-scale local merchant. there will always be people who'd just as soon go to a Subway as a Sal, Kris and Charlie's (or a Fresco Tortilla as a Coatzingo). the two aren't even the same beast, in my opinion, but i've only been in starbucks a half-dozen or so times in my life -- always at the behest of others. just never appealed to me as an aesthetic choice, and i find Dunkin Donuts' coffee to be better.... then again, i only drink plain ol' coffee (no flavorings or whipped cream or anything) so maybe i don't have a clue...

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          Agreed, but... Dunkin Donuts coffee David?! Ack.

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            you know, despite the fact that I'm a foodie and a coffee snob, I actually like Dunkin Donuts coffee.

            Over Christmas I went on a day trip with my parents. We stopped by a D and D's early in the morning and I was pleasantly surprised.


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              Their drip coffee? I've had warm, rusty water come out of my tap after a boiler cleaning that tasted better. Their espresso however I've found to be a hidden treasure. It's actually only about as strong as a normal, strong cup of drip coffee but the flavor is decent and at about a buck fifty for a double it's actually a good value.