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Feb 7, 2008 06:12 AM

Bernard Loiseau, then and now

We talk about the relais Bernad Loiseau in Saulieu sometimes, one of the only restaurants who kept their third Michelin star when the Chef died.

But I never took time to express in detail what I think of the Relais Bernard Loiseau then and now. Because I had an intense emotional connection to the place and the man, I always wanted to write about it and could not find the words for a while. Here's what I came with:

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  1. Thank you for that fabulous review and the mouthwatering pictures, Souphie! I have directed my colleagues from the 2007 Class of the Haute Etudes du Gout ( to your site to experience your inspirational review.

    My meal at La Cote d'Or (as it was then known) in 99 was one of the best of my life, and your review has intensified my longing to return.

    Milles mercis!

    1. Thank you so much! A wonderful analysis and fascinating to read.

      1. Souphie, like the others i want to thank you for the Bernard Loiseau story. excellent and it made me want to go back. I was there way back in 1991 and it was , well people oversue superlatives nowaday so much , so jsut pu tin any superlative. I had a picture taken with Bernanrd that I still have and am still proud of.. Michael

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          {;>D He sure loved to take pictures with his guests! What an interesting character.