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Feb 7, 2008 06:11 AM

From the Arizona Republic

Howard Seftel
The Arizona Republic
Feb. 6, 2008 05:41 PM

After some 14 months feeding well-heeled members of a private golf club, chef Eddie Matney is coming back to cook for the public.

A genuine original, he’s the man who gave this town one-of-a-kind dishes like meat loaf on-a-stick, Mo-Rockin’ shrimp and filet mignon encased in a fried Parmesan mashed potato crust.

Now he’s set to head Eddie’s House in Old Town Scottsdale, in the spot that used to house Cook n' Jack’s.

He promises the same big bold flavors he’s been dishing out for more than 20 years at Kous Kous, Eddie’s Grill and Eddie Matney’s.

Look for an April opening.

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  1. I love the ball o' steak. Seriously, I couldn't be happier Eddie is coming back. His place, along with Barmouche, are the two Phoenix restaraunts I miss the most.