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Feb 7, 2008 06:10 AM

Leng "Thai/Asian" in Astoria- have you tried it?

After dinner at Mundo the other day I walked by and noticed this place. They've only been open for a few weeks, but they have a fun menu. Thai heavy, but with other Asian dishes, for example a Korean beef dish with Kimchi (but they weren't calling it Bulgogi, exactly). This normally makes me skeptical, but I'm curious... The decor was attractive when I went in to get a menu and the place was packed. Anyone try it yet?

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  1. i went there maybe the week they opened. I love the decor, they have a yard which im assuming will be open in the summer. We were seated in the back, they had 2 tables of 7 full and they put us right in between them, but its ok bc one left shortly after but it was soooooooooooooo cold. I guess they hadnt pproperly weather sealed the doors so we asked to move to the front. They gave us no problem. We got something free "from the chef" which was yummy but sorry i do no remember names. Overall is was pretty good. We made a mistake and ordered a mixed seafood dish- i didnt know waht some of the stuff was, but it was ok. I will definately go back and try it again, and im going to ask to sit in front.

    1. This place is awesome. The staff is very attentive and the food is excellent. Everytime I go and try something different and have yet to be disappointed. The decor is far above any other Thai restaurant in the area it has a really nice feel to it. It is also BYOB - with no corking fee which is another great reason to go. The recipes were taken from the owner's father who had owned a restaurnat in Thailand. She pays tribute to her parents with paintings in the front of the restaurant.