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Feb 7, 2008 05:52 AM

What to do with leftover boneless pork chops?

They've been refrigerated so they're really not "shreddable". They're pretty thick but really lean. Aside from reheating them in the microwave (yuck!) with a side of garlic mashed potatoes, what else can be done with them? I feel very confident that someone here can come up with some inventive and delicious!!!

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  1. Oh, forgot to mention that they've already been cooked. Grilled with a little salt & pepper.

    1. Slice them in thin strips and stir fry with multiple sliced vegetables.
      Pork fried rice.
      Added to a macaroni red sauce.
      A component of a casserole.

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        pork fried rice! with minced water chestnuts, sliced green onions, bell pepper slices, small cubes of pork, hoisin, roasted sesame oil, soy? mirin splash? egg scrambled in empty center of pan, then combined. and some blanched edamame and/or sugar snaps or snow peas tossed in at end. (also, fresh bean sprouts to bulk (and crunch) it up -- but stir fry them a little to take off the raw flavor!)

        i use as a staple in so many cooked foods those bird's eye brand frozen bell pepper and onion combo. it would be good here, too.

        and remember, use cooked rice that has preferably been around in the fridge so as to dry out (day old is perfect!)

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          I was going to suggest using them in fried rice, too! That, or make som udon noodle soup and add thin slices of the pork at the end, just to warm them up.

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            that sounds good, too -- esp. with the cold weather. condiments on top!

      2. Carnitas,You probably could shred or slice -saute with cilantro ,scallions,mole or green salsa and make taco's.

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          I don't think the lean pork would shred very well. I suppose I could coarsely chop it. My fear is that it will be too dry since the pork has already been cooked (and refrigerated). I suppose I could hydrate it with some beef broth or lime juice.

        2. I just used some left over pork chops in yakisoba (the kind you find in the refrigerated produce section at the grocery store) Turned out really nice with some spicy szechuan sauce and some stir-fry veggies. Really great for after we get back from the gym...and quick!

          1. This isn't high brow, but I generally use leftover pork in quesadillas.

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              Janet, that's okay. I'm definitely not a high-brow person. All suggestions are welcome.