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Feb 7, 2008 05:45 AM

rules for buying cheap wine (under $10)

So i was reading another forum and it got me thinking, i typically buy pretty cheap stuff. i'm young and broke but love to relax with a glass or two at night :) so sue me, right?

anyways are there rules to buying under $10? like, avoid reds from australia or look for domestic whites... i don't know, you all are the experts! just thought i'd ask.


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  1. I actually don't think there are particular rules of that nature. From what I've experienced, the best way to approach wines under $10 is to go brand by brand. Do a little research on a particular brand and then give it a taste.

    Ultimately, with any wine, it's going to come down to personal taste anyway.

    Wine Reviews at Classic Wines

    1. Sorry, no rules. It's more important that you find what you like to drink and go from there. For instance, some people love Central Coast and Santa Barbara pinot noir, and understandably so. Me? I much prefer Oregon and even New Zealand. But to be honest, I'll take a bottle of Rhône syrah over a pinot just about every day of the week.

      That said, I think I'd prefer to go region by region. And no reason to avoid Australia, or any other country. There's good wine coming from all over the world. Here are a few value regions and winemakers to get you started within your budget.

      Côte-du-Rhône, made from grenache, mourvèdre, syrah, and about 20 other grapes I promise one day I would remember. E. Guigal, Paul Jaboulet Aîné, M. Chapoutier all make very good, everyday drinking stuff.

      NZ Sauvignon Blanc. Villa Maria, Kim Crawford, Babich, and lots of others.

      Muscadet (Loire), made from mélon. I always have at least a bottle of this at home for takeout sushi. Domaine de la Pépière should be available in lots of places. It's also my favorite.

      There are plenty of others that the more knowledgeable folks here will be able to recommend.

      1. Well, I'm no expert, but as for reds from Australia, I buy them under $10 all the time. Yellowtail is one I always keep around.

        1. a couple of "guidlines" i use. not necessarily rules.

          australian shiraz is usually a good bet for under $10 wines.

          a really good bargain right now in my opinion are malbecs from argentina. lots of them out there for less than 10 bucks. still haven't had a bad one.

          i also like to buy blends. so if i see something labeled "table wine" or "red blend" i usually go for it. in my experience, these tend to be nice, tasty little wines. not super complex, just good to open that night.

          1. Bogle makes some pretty good California wines in the $8-$12 range. Their zinfandel & petite sirah are pretty good values.

            Falseco Vitiano is a very drinkable Italian red that you should be able to find for $10 or less. Banfi Centine is another Italian red worth look for. It may cost a dollar or two more.

            I don't think there are any golden rules to follow. You just have to try a number of wines to find the ones you like.