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Feb 7, 2008 05:31 AM

Gotham Bar & Grill Still Excellent

I have eaten at Gotham many, many times over the years, but hadn't been there in the last 3 or 4 years. I took two friends there for lunch yesterday and it is still excellent. The $31.00 prix fixe lunch was a good value - delicious with appropriate lunch size portions. The service was flawless. The room continues to be one of my favorites - florals are great, it is light and bright and somehow, noise is controlled, in spite of the soaring ceilings. Highly recommended for a VERY civilized mid day meal.

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  1. Oh cool. I am going tonight for dinner>

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    1. re: bussy26

      I am pleased to see another person extols the virtues of G B & G.
      It is too little recommended and deserves better.

      1. re: idia

        Still my favorite restaurant, although not many people talk about it any longer. Food, service, and decor are all outstanding.

        1. re: mjh5821

          I had dinner at Gotham for the first time on Wednesday and had mixed feelings about my meal. Decor and service were great, though slightly corporate. I ordered the grilled octopus for an appetizer and the lobster for dinner. My husband ordered the crab risotto and the duck confit for dinner. The crab risotto was perfectly cooked, slightly al dente, large chunks of buttery crab, but the lemon completely overpowered the dish. The octopus was okay and the duck was so undercooked (I asked for it medium, it came barely seared) and very tough. Lobster was delicious. Had the bananas and cream for dessert and it was tasty!

          Will go back, but next time I’ll opt for the caviar and rack of lamb.