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Feb 7, 2008 04:51 AM

(Las Vegas)"Junk Burger" recommendations

Hello Hounds in Las Vegas,
I am going to be in L.V. in a couple of weeks and would like to try one of the two famous West Coast burgers - In-N-Out or Fatburger. What are the differences and which do you recommend?

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  1. I have yet to experience In'n'Out, but I know that I'd be in heaven if the was a Fatburger in my city. get nay burger you want and add a fried egg to it!

    But unless you're only going to be there for a day, why not try both?

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    1. re: Fydeaux

      Thanks for your quick reply. I am only going to try one of them (on theis trip) because there are so many other cuisines I plan on eating. I'm looking at Japanese, Thai, Mexican and steak.

      1. re: rockpile

        nope ....sorry....not very hound - like ....there is an in-n-out and fatburger within a mile of each other a double-double w/grilled onions and a fatburger cheeseburger w/chili and/or an egg...the cost of both together less than $10 will cost almost 1/4 of any steak you will get in this town - you can eat 1/2 of each and then decide.

    2. I don't know maybe its the east coast girl in me but In and Out tastes like McDonalds with a tomato on it. I prefer fatburger and they have the best steak fries

      1. In N Out. Order from the secret menu:

        I like the burger and fries Animal Style. If you're on the low-carb diet, get the burger Protein Style or the Flying Dutchman.

        1. It's really a personally preference choice. I've eaten at both for decades. I do prefer FAT fries over SKINNY fries at Fatburger. Again... personal preference which explains the mere existence of shoestring fries, but I digress.

          Try the King Burger at Fat Burger. It's a bigger patty and takes the burger out of the McDonalds, Wendy's, ilk.

          In-N-Out fries have a half life of about 30 seconds so wolf them down quick. They will go cold before you finish your burger.


          1. Last trip we tried both In & Out Burger and FatBurger. Didn't really like FatBurger at all, but In & Out was awesome... double double rocks. Also great fries. Will hit it again later this month when we are in LV again.