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(Las Vegas)"Junk Burger" recommendations

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Hello Hounds in Las Vegas,
I am going to be in L.V. in a couple of weeks and would like to try one of the two famous West Coast burgers - In-N-Out or Fatburger. What are the differences and which do you recommend?

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  1. I have yet to experience In'n'Out, but I know that I'd be in heaven if the was a Fatburger in my city. get nay burger you want and add a fried egg to it!

    But unless you're only going to be there for a day, why not try both?

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      Thanks for your quick reply. I am only going to try one of them (on theis trip) because there are so many other cuisines I plan on eating. I'm looking at Japanese, Thai, Mexican and steak.

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        nope ....sorry....not very hound - like ....there is an in-n-out and fatburger within a mile of each other a double-double w/grilled onions and a fatburger cheeseburger w/chili and/or an egg...the cost of both together less than $10 ....it will cost almost 1/4 of any steak you will get in this town - you can eat 1/2 of each and then decide.

    2. I don't know maybe its the east coast girl in me but In and Out tastes like McDonalds with a tomato on it. I prefer fatburger and they have the best steak fries

      1. In N Out. Order from the secret menu:


        I like the burger and fries Animal Style. If you're on the low-carb diet, get the burger Protein Style or the Flying Dutchman.

        1. It's really a personally preference choice. I've eaten at both for decades. I do prefer FAT fries over SKINNY fries at Fatburger. Again... personal preference which explains the mere existence of shoestring fries, but I digress.

          Try the King Burger at Fat Burger. It's a bigger patty and takes the burger out of the McDonalds, Wendy's, ilk.

          In-N-Out fries have a half life of about 30 seconds so wolf them down quick. They will go cold before you finish your burger.


          1. Last trip we tried both In & Out Burger and FatBurger. Didn't really like FatBurger at all, but In & Out was awesome... double double rocks. Also great fries. Will hit it again later this month when we are in LV again.

            1. The first time I ever had In-N-Out I was hungry from skipping dinner the night before, and also hungover. It was the best thing I had ever eaten up until that point.

              The first time I had Fatburger, it was Vegas and I was ehausted and hungry for a big dinner, and at that point it was the best thing I had ever tasted. So much so, after getting married two days later, we went to Fatburger for our first "married" meal.

              In-N-Out is much more like a McD's experience.... somewhat limited menu, kinda like having a wonderfully balanced Big Mac, the food is good and consistent. Fatburger is more of a Burger King thing... you get it the way you want it. And an egg and chili on your burger are always good. It's all about the customization. If you want to build your own burger, go to Fatburger. If you want it served up as the people in charge think it should be, go to In-N-Out.