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Feb 7, 2008 04:48 AM

authentic japanese food in melbourne

looked past all the japanese stalls and tried some, all doesnt taste authentically japanese to me, any real authentic japanese food cooked by japanese? i looked at the pictures of kenzan's sushi. sad to say, the sushi is also not very authentic, the rice is too much. Looking more into cheap to moderate priced japanese food. dun giv me the wagamama and all tat confusion food.

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  1. Yu-u. Little Collins St. This brings back memories of smells and tastes wired in my brain from living in Tokyo as an infant.

    I would also recommend you try Hajime Tempura - I have not been, living in Sydney; however eating with jack waxes lyrical about it:
    and a review by the age for good measure:
    (apparently you will need to call on the first day of the month to make a booking)

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      i second all of the above. they both belong to the same guys and are for some reason fond of tiny hole-in-the wall places, so book ahead.
      also try:
      hako, city (recently moved to a larger premises)
      shira nui, glen waverly (far out, but sushi is good, cooked food not so much)

      i'm sorry you didn't like kenzan. it was one of the first proper jap restaurants in melb, and i still go there for sushi - but you must ask what's fresh that day.