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Cava in New Canaan

foody1964 Feb 7, 2008 03:15 AM

Has anyone been recently? Good place for a first date? Thanks in advance.

  1. f
    Fairfield..Foodie Feb 7, 2008 06:23 AM

    Not been recently. It's OK. Prezzo, which occupied the space before was much better for a first date. You can do better down the street at Bistro Bonne Nuit for a slightly higher price point. If you are looking for a good wine bar for less $$ then I'd suggest Barcelona.

    1. jfood Feb 7, 2008 06:38 AM

      DO NOT GO!!!

      This place started out like a rocket, everyone was talking about it. But when jfood went, the food is poor, many dishes served raw (both shrimp and chicken) and Jfood received the worst service possible from the manager. He was seated 15-30 minutes after his reservation (OK ithappens) but after 90 minutes at the table and before dessert he was asked to vacate the table and take dessert in the bar (are you kidding me). But believe it or not jfood agreed. Unfortunately no place to sit in the small bar, so they decided to leave. Then the manager confronted them on the way out to which jfood had a few words with him. Week later he received a call at home from owner offering huge apology and a fully comped meal if jfood would return, which he accepted. One would think this would be outstanding service and food, nope. Raw shrimp for an appetizer and not very good food, jfood did not even finish his entree, and that says it all. Even for free it ain;t worth it.

      Instead and if interested in NC, jfood' would recommend Bonne Nuit, Aloi, Thali, Sole as the "A" list. Chings Table is also and "A" but they rush you so much it is not a good date place.

      As nasty as the hostess was when Prezzo was in this space, jfood wishes it would return.

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      1. re: Fairfield.Foody
        jfood Feb 8, 2008 06:19 AM


        Okeedokee, then call jfood "anyone" because jfood has both on the "A" list. Price should not come into ratings (see price of Per Se and FL). BBN is the most expensive in NC and is on both our lists and rightly so, it is just great. Aloi is fantastic (best bolognese outside of homemade Hazan) and jfood does not find the prices too high (noisy yes). Sole is a bit pricey but the food has been consistent for years and now the new chef has his legs under him. For a first date jfood would recommend a deuce in the back, much less noisy). And Ching's for take out is great (love the szechauan dumps, why can;t they make the same recipe at Sushi 25) but as a sit down it has been rushed in jfood's experience. As for Thali or NEVER choose an Indian place as a first date, could not disagree more. Jfood's first date with Mrs jfood was standing over a sink eating a dry turkey sandwich almost 30 years ago. Thali's tables are palced such that a nice quiet get-to-know you conversation can ensue. And jfood does not think the etnicity of the cuisine should have anything to do with the choice. Good food, good conversation, good chemistry make a good first date, not the passport of the chef.

        Barcelona is great and a nice young crowd (get a table in the wine fridge room), the food at Ocean Drive is getting dated (although the Mahogony Sea Bass was a "10" two weeks ago) but it is a young crowd, Pasta Nostra is just tough to get into. And jfood does not mind the Spanish or Italian geneology, respective of B or PN.

      2. f
        foody1964 Feb 8, 2008 07:08 AM

        Thanks so much for the help-----i'll keep you up to date on the results

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