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Feb 6, 2008 09:28 PM

Wedding Cakes in Dallas


We're coming back to Dallas to have our wedding. We live in LA now and I'm a huge foodie! Especially when it comes to cake. So I would love recs!

I made a cake tasting appt at La Duni. I love their assortment of banana cakes.

Has anyone had a cake from Cakes by Catherine/Sublime Bakery? I was checking her out and I like how she uses only fresh organic ingredients. But she doesn't do tasting until you pay the $100 reserve fee....

Also what about Delicious Cakes Bakery? Their fresh strawberry cake sounds good too.

Any recs are welcome, we're looking for catering too.


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  1. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! I wish i could give you some recommendations based on my experience, but i had my wedding out of state. A bakery i have been curious about since seeing the owner on a Food Network special is this one Frosted Art Bakery. The owner is Bronwen Weber. She's done some pretty interesting cakes on television, but i have no idea how she is to work with or how the cakes taste. Maybe someone on here knows more about this place?

    I know i only hear wonderful things about La Duni.

    1. We used Frosted Art and I tell you, it was a dream. I was happier with that vendor than anyone else we used for our wedding. The cake was without a doubt the best cake I had ever put in my mouth.

      I went with my mom for the initial tasting, then went to tastings at a few other places (among them Romano's Bakery, which I don't recommend). When I was pretty sure I wanted to go with Frosted Art, I went there and asked if they could give me a few tastes to take to my fiance, since his work schedule didn't permit him to go there with me. They gave me a whole box with a dozen or so choices! They're simply amazing.

      We had three tiers: german chocolate, silver pound cake with amaretto filling, and silver pound cake with raspberry filling, and all frosted with chocolate buttercream.

      They do a lot of fondant cakes too but I hate fondant; it tastes like cardboard, despite being pretty.

      Definitely go check them out!

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        I third frosted art. They are located right off 35 in the design district. I work at a restaurant with no pastry chef and we use frosted art all the time. People love it.

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          And, if business philanthropy is important to you, Dallas Affaires used to (and still may--I don't know) donate a large, beautiful cake for the New Beginning Center Anniversary Gala each year. The event is a fundraiser for the agency, which serves families affected by domestic violence. We would tell Dallas Affaires the theme, send them a copy of the invitation and they would deliver the most wonderful cakes to the event.

          1. re: Honey Bee

            Dallas Affaires is one of my favorite backeries in town. We used them for my wedding and I could not have been more pleased.

            As for Delicious Cakes - I've tasted their cakes as well. They are pretty good. I have to say, though, I've heard a few horror stories in terms of the cake being delivered. So, watch out for that.

            I love La Duni's cakes, but don't have experience with a wedding cake there.

        2. We used Dallas Affaires for my daughter's wedding reception. They did her traditionally tiered white bridal cake and also the chocolate groom's cake, using an intricate grapevine motif on each, and used fresh flowers to decorate them. They were beautiful cakes, and everyone said they were wonderful-tasting, too.

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          1. re: jesharris

            Thanks for all the great recommendations and feedback so far!

            I will definitely need to make some more cake tasting appts. I'll be in Dallas for the last week this month.

            1. re: cookieyumyum

              Definitely let us know how everything turns out!

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                I back up the Dallas Affaires votes. Best cakes in town if you want one that looks good and doesn't taste like cardboard. We used them for our wedding. A little more expensive than others, but well worth it. Both cake were dessimated at the reception.....hardly any leftovers and we over ordered...people are still talking about it. Frosted Art cakes looked good, but tasted terrible. Best wishes

                1. re: wwd_mbtch

                  Frosted Art cakes tasted terrible? Had someone left them out to spoil for a month or two?

                  Because that's the only circumstances under which I can imagine this. I've never tasted cake as good as at Frosted Art (as mentioned above).

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                    That was our wedding experience with Dallas Affaires as well. I've had MORE than my share of bad wedding cakes and I was taken aback with the taste of the cake. I was looking forward to some leftovers and there were NONE!

              2. Panini in Highland Park, Frosted Art in Design Dist.

                YUM, Great Folks, Talent Galore!