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Feb 6, 2008 08:53 PM

sunday sushi on westside

sushi zo is closed sundays
sushi sushi is closed sundays
shima is closed sundays
mori sushi is closed sundays
sasabune is closed sundays

where can i go for a good sushi dinner on sunday night?

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  1. Seeing a pattern?

    Gee I wonder why they're all closed?

    Could it be....hmmm... that the fish is not so fresh, since the Los Angeles fish market has been closed for 2 whole days by Sunday night???

    Food for thought.....

    Instead, have ribs, not fish, on Sunday night.

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    1. re: J.L.

      i have a guest flying in from out of town on sunday afternoon.
      he will be leaving on monday morning.
      he is dying for sushi since there is not one sushi bar in his town.
      this is a mission of mercy.
      our idea of 'not-quite-perfect,' will be his idea of nirvana because he's missed having sushi so much. most of the time he has been able to engineer his california visits for monday-thursday. he wasn't able to do it this time.

      his town has loads of terrific barbeque places.
      he needs sushi.

      1. re: westsidegal

        Irori, U-zen, Yuzando, Hide, Sushi King or even Bar Hayama may work for your friend, and they are open on Sundays.

          1. re: fdb

            I had the omakase at U-zen two Sundays ago and it was incredibly fresh and mouth meltingly tender. The chef we had that night was great, very nice and he enjoyed explaining what everyting we tried.

            For almost $70 for two people (before tip and with no drinks) we each had a pair of oysters, red snapper, bluefin tuna, barracuda, amberjack, sockeye salmon (covered in ponzu with a fried garlic chip on top), japanese scallop, and unagi (the SO always insists on ending sushi with unagi since he loves it). The cuts were fairly generous yet still an easy one or two bites.

        1. re: J.L.

          thank you

          sushi on sundays=bad idea

        2. irori sushi is marina del rey, and i like it well enough.

          another westside option is asakuma - not my favorite, but reliable.

          if you'd be willing to take him to the valley, asanebo is worth the drive.

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          1. re: Emme

            Asenebo is indeed X-C-Lent, and open on the day of rest. Kiriko, mentioned below, is also quite good. If I had to stay Westside, and I didn't mind dropping big coin, I would do The Hump!

          2. Kiriko is open on Sunday nights.

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            1. re: Jwsel

              Takao in Brentwood. Also, many celebs go on Sundays.

            2. Yabu on Pico, just west of Barrington. Be sure to get soba noodles. Also, second the rec for Hide on Sawtelle. Probably the best sushi for the price on the westside.

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              1. re: DeLobster

                Takao is absolutely amazing. Hide isn't even close in terms of quality. Also Takao's cooked dishes are extraordinary and his tempura is the best. I will have to do this in a series of posts to attach photos.

                Takao oyster - first photo

                Takao sashimi - 2nd and 3rd photo

                Takao spoons of assorted fish

                1. re: lizziee

                  i must have hit takao on an off night. i've heard such good things about it, but the one meal i had there was just okay. the sashimi was fine, but not at all memorable.

                  i'd rather go to nagao down the street for consistently good quality and slightly lower prices...but that's just my preference based on personal experience.

                  btw, westsidegal, if you don't want to do the "cash only" thing at hide, nagao is open on sundays.

                  1. re: lizziee

                    Agree with lizziee... Takao will wipe the floor with Hide any day.

                    I'm certain that I'm in the minority on this board by saying that Hide has truly slid downhill over the past 2 years. It's no longer a "value sushi" pick.

                  2. re: DeLobster

                    Takao has real Kobe - not Wagyu - photos 1 and 2

                    Takao's toro with caviar - 3rd photo

                    Takao's cut roll wrapped in rice paper

                    1. re: lizziee

                      At the sushi bar, if you order omakase each piece of tempura is fried to order and served separately so it never gets cold or greasy.

                      Takao uni tempura - first photo

                      Squid tempra

                      Shrimp tempura

                      1. re: lizziee

                        Takao's cooked Maine Lobster - first photo

                        King Crab - second photo

                          1. re: fdb

                            Yes. I didn't show all the sushi items and hand rolls after the sashimi, cooked items and tempura. Also, takao will often add a soup course - also not shown.

                    2. re: DeLobster

                      thank you, i concur on your hide assessment.
                      went there for dinner with my daughter tonight.
                      huge servings.
                      decent quality fish.

                    3. I put in another vote for Irori in MDR. I had a similar issue with a guest from Vermont who is a finicky eater and showed up on a Sunday. We took him to Irori and he was happy.